Wednesday, October 27, 2010

(Pandora's) Raspberry Souffles

Souffles are one of those desserts that can strike fear into the hearts of kitchen novices and infuriate the most skilled pastry chef on a bad day. Souffles are demanding, temperamental, and completely unreasonable if you piss them off. In other words, souffles are a delicious version of myself. I came across this recipe by way of a coworker sometime last year, was intrigued by it's ridiculous simplicity, and kept it in my mental back pocket [superstah!].  A few weeks ago I pulled that recipe out of that pocket, stocked up on some frozen raspberries, and last weekend, I traipsed on over to my sister's house to use her kitchen tools to make this temperamental dessert. If I had known that ignoring my personal disdain for baking and defying the laws of souffle baking [details to come] would disrupt the time space continuum and send my little world into a whirlwind of calamity and good fortune, I might have reconsidered. But I'm not a clairvoyant, and I didn't see it coming. See right what had happened was..

The Good: the work week went by delightfully fast; I was finally able to make it to pole classes after a three week hiatus and took my first pole 4 class and managed to not break my neck. I found a bunch of decent parking spots in my very parking challenged neighborhood; Verizon finally replaced my bajigity ass blackberry and it finally freakin works!; I got a bomb ass french baguette from the local grocery market; I was finally able to restock my wine collection; I totally scored a bottle of black truffle olive oil for $8 [t.j. maxx!!]; I didn't even bother getting angry in the face of asinine bureaucracy at my crap ass job; I found a few new jobs to apply to; my boots came were delivered and they are freakin fabulous; AND I was able to get a spot at the most important networking event of my life, Cocktails with Belle!

I figured, my string of good fortune was my consolation prize for my utter failure at being working professional. But there was some shiggity interspersed between these good fortunes, and now the universe is outright pissed at me.

The Shiggity: after spending many hours washing, conditioning, and putting my hair in bendy curlers and attempting to sleep in said curlers, half of it DID NOT CURL. le boo to you. Monday morning, I felt a little scratch in my throat, and by the end of the day, it was full blown sandpaper. No fuckin' bueno considering my networking event is WEDNESDAY [tomorrow]. Currently, my nose is dripping, I hacked up some green shit earlier,  I can't hear out of my right ear, everything hurts (especially my left knee and my fukin' uterus) and I generally feel like shit. Instead of spending my sick day in bed, I attempted to do work, and did not rest at all. AND the weather tomorrow is literally going to be a SHIT STORM of rain, high wind, and lightning. There already putting us on tornado watch! That is just the type of weather I'm trying to take the train to DC in. And if you think these events are just a coincidence, the last Cocktails with Belle event filled up before I could rsvp and the weather for the rest of the week is clear and sunny. If that ain't the mother nature fuckin' with me, I don't what is.

Ingredients (Adapted from Eating Out Loud)
1 tsp butter (for greasing ramekins)
6oz frozen raspberries
1/4 cup, plus 2 tsp sugar
4 egg whites
[seriously, that's it]

Preheat oven to 400F. Butter the insides of six 1/2 cup ramekins. 
Puree raspberries in a blender or food processor, then strain through a fine mesh sieve to remove seeds. You cannot skip this step, there are so many seeds in raspberries, it's ridamndiculous. no bullshit. This should yield at least 1/2 cup after straining; ad 2 tsp of sugar to puree and set aside. With a mixer [stand or hand], beat the egg whites until they begin to thicken. Gradually add the 1/4 cup of sugar, mix until egg whites form stick peaks and are glossy. Carefully fold 1/3 of egg whites into the puree, until no white streaks remain; continue adding in 1/3 increments. Spoon souffle batter into ramekins, filling to the top and leveling off with spoon. Bake for 8-10 minutes* or until souffles rise about 1/2 inch above the rim. Sprinkle with powdered sugar, and serve immediately.

Omg there were so many seeds!

those my friends are stiff peaks

so pretty!

*You should know me by now, I may have strayed from these very explicit directions. I decided to bake the souffles in a water bath, as I had read that it provides the optimal cooking environment for these delicate desserts. But what I didn't know is that it increases the baking time, and I took the souffles out too soon. It's not that they didn't rise, it's that they sank a few minutes later, and were had more of a wet mousse texture inside. Me being me, I will blatantly disregard the rules whenever safely possible, and despite what I've heard about not being able to save a fallen souffle, I put them back in the oven sans water bath for another few minutes. Low and behold, they puffed right back up, and didn't sink as much when they cooled. I was all like "in yo face, baking rules!" And then I caught a cold the day before the Belle event and will likely have to walk through a fuckin monsoon to get this event. So obviously, the mother natures doesn't take too kindly to my disregard for rules, and I have been punished.

still fluffy and delicious on day two


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