Wednesday, June 16, 2010


In Brazil, churrasco is the term for a barbeque which contains a variety of meats, which may be cooked on a purpose built "churrasqueira", a grill or barbeque, often with supports for spits or skewers.

In other words, meat-o-topia. It was a carnivore's dream, a vegetarian's nightmare, a flexatarian's excuse to eat pork, and the best damn Saturday I've had in a while. It's official, summer is here!

I apologize for the lack of good pictures. But I was wrist deep in grilled meats and several drinks in by the time I remembered my camera. My Bad

The Spread.

I have to mention the chorizo (not pictured). It was life. changing. No busllshit!

World Cup Fever

England vs. USA.
Considering the odds against us, good job on the draw USA!

It pays to have a friend in a Samba Band. It pays for that friend in the samba band to to be a summer baby, Happy Birthday, Max! 

Caipirhinas. Not a drink for the faint of heart drunk, lol.

the best things in life come in cups!

What makes BBQs so awesome is laughter, drum lessons, cute little girls who love dogs, samba dancing, and great conversations.  I had such a good time, I forgot to have someone take a picture of me. Damnit, I suck at this!

she was all about kona. It was too cute!

This, my friends, is how you kick off summer!


  1. Looks amazing! Churrasco is my absolute favorite and it looks like you had plenty of it! My diet would've been thrown out the window! It's awesome you had live music. I don't remember the last time we had music at one of our bbq's. Kinda miss dancing with family like back in the day.

  2. It looks like summer heaven! I've never had churrasco, but I think some friends invited us to do this sometime this summer. The music sounded great and that food... oh, that food! Yum!

  3. I wish i was there, maybe i do need to move to DMV with yall

  4. Looks so good
    Do enter my contest I am doing currently on my blog.

  5. Maddy, this was my churrasco, certainly not my last! and yeah, diet and churrasco just don't mix

    Keeley, definitely take your friends up on that offer.

    Asha, you know my philosophy, come on down!

    BV, i'll look into the contest, i love those saris!

  6. Cool post!!!Keep up the good work and I will drop by your blog again!



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