Thursday, June 3, 2010

The "Luther" and other Fatness at the Beach

I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend! I sure did, which is why I'm just blogging about it now. [still no policy post...I'll get to it I swear!] As to be expected on this momentous holiday [did you stop to remember our veterans?] there was beaching, boozing, and BBQing . I now present to you, my trip down fatness lane:

Saturday it rained off and on, so rather than hit the beach, we did Delaware TAX FREE outlet shopping! [I was a very good girl, purchased only vacation necessities and spent less than $50]. A breakfast fit for shopaholics was necessary, which, of course meant donuts!

"The Luther"  If you are a fan of the Boondocks, (start at 2:01) you should know what I'm talking about, lol.

Its actually a Prunewich from the Fracture Prune Donut Shoppe. If there is one near you, check them out. Best.Donuts.EVER!
*In my defense, its not actually as bad as the Luther, the donuts aren't glazed and its not a hamburger*
**Defense killer: It was effin' delicious and I didn't feel an ounce of guilt for eating it. Not one ounce**
***again, in my defense, I would never eat more than two of these a year, seriously***

The Donuts. Oh you thought I went to Fractured Prune and just got a prunewich? Umm....negative!

French Toast & Strawberry Shortcake. Orgasmic! And the coffee with cream, no sugar, was a perfect complement!

had to do the promo shot. Those are Joe's hands, not mine [obviously]
So I was too hungry to take pictures of the wings and pizza for dinner, but really there's nothing special about pizza and wings anyway. On to Dewey!

I did mention there was boozin, right? [that's Joe, Hill's boo-love, not some random white guy, LOL]

There was no way we weren't taking a pic with Allen from the Hangover!
*It should be mentioned that Dewey Beach Nightlife is very college night life like. It brings fond memories from UD*
Sunday at Rehoboth Beach!

You know, we actually didn't take a single pic of us lounging about on the beach. There was entirely too much girl talk going on for that.  And then we got hungry....

What the fastest growing burger chain in the country that's so good that even Obama [Hope & Change!] has been famously seen going there that's now at the beach and you wouldn't think its what you want to eat at the beach until you see it and the smell lures you in the door and before you know it you're ordering a meal??

That's right, it's 5 Guys!

The grease spots = love. Kinda like butter, but peanut oil instead.

The Rehoboth Beach tradition as dictated by Thrashers (best fries on the boardwalk) is ketchup is for burgers, salt and malt vinegar are for fries! <3

and then there was the cheeseburger with ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, and grilled onions. It was GLORIOUS.
I got a "Little Burger" rather than the regular because sitting behind us on the sand there was this Asian barbie doll chick with ridiculous breast implants and zero body fat, which was pissing me off as I was stuffing my face with 5 Guys. Go figure.

Great BBQ. Almost no pics.

So after the beach, I went Toya's for her first BBQ as a Wife and Homeowner [an hour north of the beach, yeah I was a road warrior!] Needless to say all that driving [with the poodle in tow] was exhausting. I was having way too much fun and too tired to remember to take pics of all the food I ate. But I do have these gems...

Lots of laughing, lots of boozing
Blueberry Yum Yum. Oh yes
Its a shame I didn't take pics of the food, there were the usual: burgers, hot dogs, potato salad. And there were some pluses, like mac n cheese, seafood salad and crabs. I actually did think about taking pics of the crabs, but by then I was already elbow deep in old bay. and besides, we all know eating crabs looks a lot like this:

not a good look, son.
But at the end of the day, or more like 2am, it was a great and tasty weekend.

Happy Memorial Day!


  1. I love Rehoboth! I've never been to that doughnut shop, but I'll have to check it out on my next trip.

    Five Guys is one of my favorite places for fries. I don't like burgers, but I love me some fries (with ketchup, please).

    I don't spend much time in Dewey 'cause I figure my husband and I are too old. Maybe, just maybe, I'll check it out this summer.

  2. Oh my goodness! This is exactly why I miss being single. While you were out boozing and flirting it up with random white boys, I was running after toddlers and hanging with the "respectable" adults. BORING!!! Memorial Day is supposed to start the summer off with a BANG, not a whimper like mines. I'm due for a do-over! Next time, I'm hanging out with you and your friends ;o)

    BTW - That donut sandwich...*smh*

  3. Keeley, give the salt and vinegar a tasts. I was so not having it my first time in rehoboth, and damn near threw a fit for some ketchup, but now i'm totally converted! and once you have Fractured Prune, you'll never want dunkin donuts again!

    Maddy, i feel your pain, the only babies i ran after this weekend had four legs. but look at it this way, as a married person, you ALWAYS have someone to buy you free drinks and you don't have to work for it, and you don't have drunk white girls who wear stilettos to places like the Rusty Rudder stepping on the middle of your foot. (my foot STILL hurts). But you are always welcome to join in the tomfoolery, as you can see my friends and I like to cut loose, lol

  4. Keeley- NO ONE is too old for Dewey. YOUNG and OLD go there to have a good time- its whats great about it :)

    Bernie- I have a bone to pick with you... posting that god awful pic of me on facebook is one thing... but on your BLOG???? grrr :) lol

  5. OMG that prunwich looked so good. That beer sounds like it tastes good too!

    Have you tried sam adams' cherry wheat or berry witbier? (I probably spelled it incorrectly) <--- Check it out & follow please

  6. Kim, I haven't tried any of the Sam Adams beers, but I was just telling my sister how I want to because they have such a tasty sounding variety. Will check out your blog, thanks for stoppin by!



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