Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm So Great!(?)...or So I've Been Tagged..

I'm so great? I can do anything good? I've been tagged by one of my favorite bloggers, Maddy from The Maddy Chronicles in a challenge to state six positive things about myself.  My initial reaction is that I'm super flattered that Maddy would shout me out on her awesome blog [which if you haven't already checked it out, you should, if only for the amazing pictures that's made me vow to take a photography class]. My second thought, was pure horror. I've always silently avoided these sorts of challenges, for fear that I wouldn't be able come up with an required number of positive statements about myself. Yeah..I'm very critical of myself. But, since I've been explicitly asked to participate in this challenge and I know that it's a a very healthy thing to do, I've decided to take the plunge:

1. I'm a planner extraordinaire, I make lists, I check them twice, I cross things off, I move forward. Now of course I don't always make continuous progress through my lists, but I understand that if I write it down, it will happen eventually, and therefore quitting is NEVER an option. Like when I opened a savings account specifically named "Barcelona" two summers ago, I had no idea when it was going to Spain, but as you know now, my heart is in Barcelona!

I even keep my to do list on my google homepage! I just got my Rosetta Stone for Spanish, between the blog, Spain and networking I've made 4-6 new friends, and I know that "A job that excites me" will happen when it's supposed to, I just know it!

2. I'm loyal, possibly to a fault. Seriously. Even though I grumble about it sometimes, I would do anything for my family, and my friends too. They know they can count on me when they need me. It can be exhausting sometimes, but I don't even know how not to be loyal like that. Anytime I've ever I've had to remove a person from my life, it wasn't something I took lightly, and the person was really REALLY sucky for me to get to that point.

3. I'm Adventurous. There are many many things that I'll say, "Sure, why not!" to. Like going to Morocco because we're gonna be in the south of Spain, it's right there, and those guys we met in Paris said Marrakech is a must see! Or getting on the banana boat ride in Puerto Rico. Or touching a snake in the square in Marrakech. Or going to that haunted house in bumble fuck, Delaware. Unless the adventure blatantly involves serious risks to my life, my biggest fears, or nasty food, the odds are I'll do it. I've learned some lessons via this method--like I do NOT like haunted houses, that's gonna be a "NO" for the rest of my life...

I realized AFTER I signed my life away that I had NO idea what I was doing! But it as Awsome! Puerto Rico '08
4. I'm Decisive. My thought processes involve a systematic elimination of what I don't want, determining exactly what I do want, and then unwaveringly focusing on finding/achieving exactly that. I rarely have a hard time coming to a concrete decision.

5. I'm Entertainingly Cynical. I'm not your average Negative Nadette. The glass may be half empty as far as I'm concerned, but rest assured I have something snarky, if not wildly inappropriate to say about it. And when it's all said and done, I still appreciate the sight of roses, yellow ones especially, but I'm not stopping to smell them, because only silly optimists asking for a bee sting and a nose full of pollen participate in such activities.

6. I Can Cook. DUH! Considering my friends are always trying to make me cook for them, and a few of them have actually tricked me into doing it, I can confidently say that I kinda know what I'm doing when it comes to food. And even when I don't, it's usually still edible.

I catered my apartment warming party last summer. The food was a hit!

So I'm tagging all of my readers in this challenge. List 6 positive things about yourself, I'm listening! Oh and more on Spain & Morocco to come, trust!



  2. This is a great idea for a post! I feel kinda strange talking about myself in this way, but here are my 6:

    1. I can cook (and bake!). The negative side is that my family is so used to my style of cooking that they complain about restaurant meals or pre-prepared foods.
    2. I'm organized. My job requires me to maintain meticulous files and you can almost always count on me to have the full story on any student and be able to put my hands on it within 3 minutes.
    3. I have a good eye for color. My dad was an art major, so I say I got this from him. Our home has been a work in progress, but we've made some fun choices and I've even helped other people make selections for their homes.
    4. I'm honest. Life is too short to lie, even if the truth hurts. People at my job say, "As Keeley would say, 'I'm keeping it real'." Yup, that's me.
    5. I take pretty good photos. Yes, I only have a point and shoot, but I think I use it well. I look forward to getting a "real" camera oneday.
    6. I'm good with money. I've mastered the art of being a "baller on a budget". I've finally learned how to separate wants from needs. My husband and I are much more comfortable because we've agreed to live below our means.

  3. wow it looks like you had an amazing trip! so lucky : ) I hope that I'm going on this cruise in Fall 2011 that departs from Spain. 1 year to go : )

  4. Great list!! I have some of the very same traits (except for the cooker extraordinaire!) and I think that's why you're one of my favorite bloggers! You are funny, smart and genuine! You keep it real and I absolutely adore that about you! I think if we lived closer we'd be fast friends ;o) Thank you for doing the challenge! You did an amazing job and I love the last picture of you ♥

  5. @Franco, thanx hubby!

    @Keeley, I need to get like you on number 6. I'm not bad with money at all, but i'm definitely a spender. I always loose that wants/needs battle in my head, lol. And now i'm all curious to see what your walls look like, I love creative color palattes.

    @Jonesy, how long are you going to be in spain for your cruise? I'm advising you now, to add more time. 2 weeks wasn't enough!

    @Maddy, :D, we should totally meet up! I always spend at least 1 weekend in NYC for summer, and i'll probably make 2 trips between now and october!



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