Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bloggers are Even More Awesome in Person!

If you would've told me back in February when I started this blog, that I would make and meet new friends through it, I would've laughed at you and likely given you the "weirdo" side-eye.  When I got into this whole blogging thing, it was mostly to distract myself from the misery of my current occupation, and help better prepare me for my pending career switch from health education to health policy [speaking of, I need to get off my ass and get a policy post together, I'm going to need something to talk about in detail in my interviews for the new job I've decided that I'm getting in October]. But on my blogging journey, I have in fact made new friends, and as of last weekend, I got to meet two of them in person!  Every summer I make at least 1 trip to New York City to visit my college roommate Liz and my other college friend Tifanni. Since two of my favorite bloggers, Ellen from Fired n' Fabulous and Maddy from The Maddy Chronicles live in or near NYC, I decided to make it a mega weekend of awesomeness [read booze, food, and tomfoolery] and meet up with them while I was in town.

Maddy met me and Liz in Chelsea Friday night for dinner, drinks, and of course, conversation about EVERYTHING. Yeah, we ladies like to chat it up.  I've previously said that upon first reading Maddy's blog, that immediately I felt we would be friends in real life, and I was so right! Meeting up with her was so cool, yet so comfortable because I felt like I already knew her [well cuz I did, duh]. After dinner, we hit up Son Cubano, a great little Cuban spot that Maddy blogged about a few weeks ago. Their mojitos were good, the music was good, and even though I was totally the girl in the "club" in chucks and shorts, I didn't really feel out of place. Maddy, I had a great time, and can't wait to do it again!  <3

Me and Maddy! We're awesome
Liz & Maddy
two of my favorites <3
The fantastic Maddy!

Shoe game is HOT FIYAH!

Sunday morning, Liz and I met up with Ellen for a boozy brunch, and that too was awesome. First off, Ellen picked a great restaurant for brunch, Essex, on the lower east side, that offers great eatings and 3 drinks included with your meal. Ellen was so awesome, we talked about blogs, boys, and jobs, it was great! After brunch we went to another bar for another drink, and talked about jobs and boys some more and family--it turns out that Ellen is a triplet--LOVE IT and....I don't remember what else, I was four drinks in, lol.  I'm pretty sure I dropped some profanity by the boatload, but Ellen knew what she was getting into.  Oh and how I could I forget, I totally got to meet her blog elusive boyfriend! Cuz I'm cool like that, son, ha! Ellen, next time I'm in the city, I'm thinking nigh time boozin'! Oh yeah!

Me and the Fabulous Ellen!
The CEO. Yeah, son!
mimosa number ??
a caiphirhina sounded like a good idea at the time
being drunk on the bolt bus, not so great
Fabulous end to a fabulous weekend
So yeah, I'm totally glad that I decided to get into this whole blogging thing, best decision of 2010 (because Spain and Morocco had already been decided on in 2009).

And Liz, Tifi, & Asha, the weekend was awesome. Can't wait till the next time, ladies!



  1. Aww... I'm so happy I met you too and that I can now call you "friend" instead of just "blog friend" ;o) I had a blast and I'm glad you posted more than one picture, unlike my lazy ass!! And look....our glasses match :) And it was so nice meeting Liz too! I'm glad she didn't mind my tagging along for the ride. Next time I have to meet you and Ellen for brunch!

  2. Love it! Next time, nighttime drinks for sure! Ohh and the second boozing stop was Barrio Chino, for anyone who cares.

  3. Three drinks included with your meal?! That's my kinda place. I wouldn't want to be drunk on the Bolt bus... hope they had a clean restroom!

  4. I love that brown bag! I want one just like it. That brunch looks really good, I'll have to check that place out.


  5. @Maddy, :D. And you've been crazy busy with your blossoming photography career, so don't be so hard on yourself. And next time, yes, you'll have to come to brunch!

    @Ellen, oh i look forward to those next round of drinks. The weekends are too short!

    @Keeley, when Ellen suggested the place and I saw that on the menu, I literally squealed with delight. I had a bloody mary and two mimosas at bruch, then a caphirhina at the barrio chino. Thankfully the bathroom was clean, and I only needed it once. but drunk sleep sucks

    @Jonesy, thanks girl! I LOVE that bag so much, it's literally falling apart...damn Aldo bags are cute, but not meant for long life. I don't know what I'll do when it finally dies...



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