Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sold, for 1000 Camels! Morocco: Part Duex

So I may have tried to sell my sister to a shop owner for 1000 camels. And I definitely tried to sell Hillary for 300. See right what had happened....was that the men in Morocco were quite friendly... and  But then I remembered that there was no way I could go home to my mom without Odichi, and had I promised Dan and Debbie I would keep Hillary safe [her parents were really worried, bless their hearts], so I decided it would be in poor taste sell my sister and friend to strangers. And besides, 300 camels is an insulting price, the guy was trying to take advantage of my naivete--but I know better for next time--I won't consider anything under 650 camels. True story.

This guy tried to buy my sister. We settled on us buying silver teapots from him instead

He thinks he just bought Hillary...that might be my fault
Anyway, the remaining two days in Morocco were spent shopping in the market, getting henna tattoos, eating honey pastries, riding camels, drinking mint tea,  lounging around our riad, sweatin' buckets, discussing the sociopolitical relationship between Morocco and the United states (apparently Secretary of State Clinton has a home somewhere in the country--and they love Obama there [yeah, son!]) politely refusing marriage proposals,  shopping [yes, more shopping] and watching the world cup final.

I'm rich, bitch!

lounging at the pool

Just walking around was an experience in itself. For one thing, the Moroccan men sure do love dreadlocks. My sister and I got a lot of attention, compliments, and questions on our hair. Walking through the streets, men would shout "Rasta Pasta!" and "We love Rasta!" "Bob Marley!" etc., it was hilarious. The market was like a microcosm unto itself, it was a sprawling maze of twisting alleys packed full of fabulous stuff. The deeper we went in, the further away from the rest of the world we felt, which after you get over that "this is where the white people in horror movies get killed, what the hell am I doing walking down this narrow street?!" feeling, it was pretty damn awesome.  First and foremost, there were leather shops EVERYWHERE selling leather EVERYTHING. I thought I would buy a nice leather bag, but before I knew it I was trying on leather jackets--in July--in Morocco*--and yes I did eventually buy a fabulous lamb skin bomber jacket.** It was like cocaine laced chicken noodle soup for the shopper's soul. There were antique lamps, ceramics, tangines of every size and color, antiques, tea sets, jewelry, wood boxes and carvings, paintings, pashminas, jalabas and kaftans, etc. I was in heaven! I ran out luggage space and kept shopping until I  ran out of money. Lesson for next time, bring more money. Lot's more money!

Our third and final day in Marrakech, we finally did something other than shop.  We went on a two hour camel trek. It was as cool as it sounds, except that it happened to be the hottest day of our trip, like 105 degrees walking around in a damn oven hot! I sooo regretted not bringing my water with me. Aside from nearly dying from heat exhaustion, the whole experience was awesome, and Carrie Bradshaw and crew  ain't got nothin on us!

Pongo, our trusty guide dog!
 It was so hot, it looked like he was gonna pass out at one point
At that point, I was worried for myself 
an hour into the ride, we were given a break with bread, honey, and more tea
I just wanted some cold freakin' water!
And to end our fabulous mini-holiday, we watched the world cup final, broadcast in Arabic [which is such an angry language, lol] with a ton of Spanish fans and two lovely British gals that we met while walking to the bar.

this guy is obviously a die hard, lol
and he was on both of our flights to and from Morocco

A fabulous time was had by all, the memories are forever a part of my psyche, and I can't wait to do it again!
Aur Revoir Maroc!

*the Saharan Desert starts in Morocco
**I didn't include a picture b/c I'm just that lazy. But best believe the second it's cool enough, I'll be wearing it and including a picture of myself wearing it :)


  1. You are soooo funny!

    I would be in shopping heaven in Morocco! I'd need to buy another suitcase and pay to bring it home with me and fill it with all that great stuff.

    I still want to go to Morocco!

  2. So amazing!! I love eharing about your amazing travel stories :) You girls look like you had a blast!! And you're right...the SATC girls aint got nothing on you!

    Can't wait for you to whip out that leather jacket in an outfit post! I'm sure it's heavenly :)

  3. Further proof that I need to plan a trip there!

  4. @Keeley, it was serious! If only i hadn't run out of money (and luggage space)

    @Maddy, the first day it's in the 60s, i'm wearing that jacket!

    @Kristin, what are you waiting for?!



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