Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Relapse is a Sumbitch!

So you may recall that in my most recent post, I discussed my addiction the evil drug that is sugar, lambasted our sugar saturated food culture, and vowed to take proactive and reactive measures to greatly reduce my glucose intake for the sake of my overall health, my skin, and my future waistline. But just as everyone else that has struggled with substance abuse, I too have fallen victim to a relapse.  See right what had happened was, I'm currently in Atlanta at a learning institute conference for work. Having arrived at my hotel yesterday, there was of course, a welcome reception, and there was of course a ton of so-so hotel food. To my pleasant surprise, however, the desserts table was actually full of  options that my highly discriminating palette finds not only acceptable, but delicious. Things like french macaroons, mini fruit tarts, mini-cake slices *not* covered in butter cream frosting, and my all time favorite dessert, mini key lime pies.  Like I've mentioned before, I'm not a fan of extreme measures, and I sure as hell don't believe in completely restricting any food I find enjoyable from my diet, but rather enjoy it with conservative moderation. So without really thinking about it, I indulged myself. I mean, there were mini key lime pies AND French macaroons; I wasn't even trying to resist. Things went from bad, to greedy, to girls who eat their feelings. I knew going back for that third plate of desserts was just wrong, and completely out of character for me, but I couldn't help myself. Well, there's a moral to this story. A mere two hours after my third plate of dessert, I was curled in a ball with a MAJOR tummy ache. And about twenty minutes later, I was up close and personal with the toilet of my hotel bathroom. Yes that's right, I retched my guts up, along with 2 mini key lime pies, 4 french macaroons, 2 slices of cake, and a mini fruit tart. [that was probably tmi, but whatevs]

God don't like ugly, he sure hates stupid, and severely punishes the gluttonous.

Guess whose back on the wagon, and walked past the desserts table at lunch today, and kept it moving past the fondue table at dinner tonight?

Lesson Learned!


  1. You made me laugh so effin' hard! LOL! I've been gluttonous at my conference too. You are not alone. (I didn't OD on desserts though.) I think you may have been going through withdrawal seeking that new extreme high.

  2. Been there one too many times. I may or may not have killed an entire box of cookies over the course of three days. Ugh.

  3. @Toya, it was a combinatin of withdrawal, hunger, and stress.

    @Kristin, yeah I had to stop buying the cinnamon sugar wafers from target because I would eat the whole box in 2 days. smh

  4. Conferences are notorious for all the food! I subjected myself to one this summer strictly for the dessert table!! And I'm the same way with certain things, that's why I buy the small package of something (even if it does cost $$ per sweet) because I know I'm going to every last drop and I'd rather do it knowing the damage won't be as bad as it could be. Anyways, glad you're back in blog world! Now, I need to get my butt to posting too :o/

  5. I just gained 5 pounds at my conference. I'm officially back on the wagon. I feel your pain. Sugar isn't my vice, it's everything else. You know... fried foods, salty snacks, potatoes, good bread, cheese... sigh.

  6. @Maddy, there was so much food at this conference, it was ridiculous, espcially considering half the folks there worked in diabetes prevention! and yes, the world waits with breath bated for your return to bloggin ;)

    @Keeley, 5 pounds?! the food must've been way better at your conference than at mine.There was an over abundance of food that just OK (minus the desserts), i ended up going out for dinner in Atlanta just to get away.



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