Friday, November 19, 2010

Home to Roost

It's Oprah and Gail's BIG ADVENTURE! Except instead of Oprah and Gail, it's me, Hillary of The Sweet Maple Life, Latoya of the Quarter Life Chronicles, and Keeley from My Life on a Plate! That's right y'all, it's another blogger meet up spectacular. You may remember from this post, that I realized that Keeley is an alumni of my Alma mater, University of Delaware. You may also recall that on several occasions, I've waxed poetic about wanting to invite myself over for dinner at Keeley's. Well my friends, two weeks ago during homecoming weekend, that dream became a reality and then some!

When I realized that the four of us all went to UD and suggested we meet up at homecoming, Keeley was the 'sponsible one who sent out a coordinating email. We decided to meet up at the alumni bar crawl event on Friday night, which netted us alumni scarves, a free drink to start off, wristbands for discounts at all the participating bars, and a waffle breakfast after it all. Booze, food, & bloggers=AWESOME. Meeting Keeley and her husband E was great and the five of us hit it off fabulously. We then proceeded to hit several bars for blue hen themed libations, sliders, wine and more blue booze. We had such a good time, in fact, that naturally I have no pictures from Friday night. FAIL. Buuuut, Keeley, whose a 'sponsible blogger and posted about our little get together in a timely fashion has pics here!

But what about dinner at Keeley's? Glad you asked.

Naturally, during our boozin' and cruisin [on foot] Friday night, the topic of food was discussed, which then led to a discourse about bacon [and my undying love for it] which then segued to a conversation about Keeley's epic bacon mac n' cheese. Or at least I think that's what happened, but honestly can't remember for sure, because I was boozin' hard [I'd had a rough day earlier]. Regardless of the details, the pertinent facts were that an invitation to Keeley's home with her husband and dogs was extended and accepted. Speak it. Live it. Luv it!

Saturday came, and after what used to be an obligatory appearance at the Center for Black Culture's BBQ, but is now totally wack and has been usurped by the tailgate,  we piled in the cars and headed to Keeley's for lunch. We would've gone for dinner, but Hill, Alihah, and I had tickets for Kathy Griffin in Philly that evening. When we got Keeley's, we were greeted by our gracious hosts, her uber cute dogs Milo and Zelda, and wine, cheese and crackers. But this is Keeley I'm talking about here, so you know it was good wine, french cheese, and those good water crackers. And then came the bacon mac n cheese. Y'all know how I love bacon, but I haven't discussed my love of mac n cheese on this blog, largely because I only eat it twice a year when my mom makes it for the holidays. Well, the holidays came early this year, because that mac n cheese was! It was creamy and cheesy and bacony and glorious. It was so good, I honestly believe that Oprah could give it away on an "Oprah's Favorite Things" episode. YOU GET A PLATE! AND YOU GET A PLATE! AND YOU GET A PLATE TOO OF KEELEY'S BACON MAC N' CHEESE!! The audience would go ape shit, and rest assured I would too.

In addition to the mind blowingly good food, we talked, we laughed, we drank more wine, I learned that I really need to get a Costco was grand. Before we knew it, it was time for Hillary and I to leave to get ready for our show, and we literally had to drag ourselves out the front door. I considered stealing one of Keeley's dogs, Zelda. She was just sooo cute! But I realized that if I stole her dog, she probably wouldn't be my friend anymore, and that Kona would be having none of that sharing the spotlight with another dog, so I decided against it.

Yet another fabulous blogger meet up. I'm 3 for 3, I like this trend. Keeley and E, I can't wait to do it again!

Oh and btw, Kathy Griffin was hi-larious! She literally has ADD and never finished telling her Oprah story, lol.

Go Blue and Gold!


  1. thanks Kristin! Hill, Toya and I have been friends since college, and Keeley was graduating when were coming in, but it turns out we have mutual friends anyways. Blogging is making my world smaller in the best ways and I love it

  2. Maddy, how have you not met other Penn Stat bloggers? You're ppl are everywhere, lol. And I seriously think we need to have a massive blogger get together. We live in the midatlantic, so we're all within a few hours of eachother.

  3. oh I love love love this! I'd be in for a big blogger meet up (esp if it includes lots of food). You have to bring one of those desserts you've posted. Really any one would do but the caramel peach cobbler looks like its "makes you wanna momma good"



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