Monday, January 31, 2011

A Timeout Was in Order

I'll be the first person to admit that I have a short attention span. In fact, some would go as far to say I have a mild case of ADD, which seems to have gotten worse with age--and I might be inclined to agree. But I pride myself on being able to focus long enough to get the important things done, especially at the very last minute, because I'm procrastinator. But this week, while working on an application for a possible future endeavor that I won't expand upon, I just could not focus.  Before I knew it, I was staring at my computer Thursday evening, having made practically zero progress on my essays in days.  And so I did what any responsible aspiring young professional did when facing a Monday deadline. I decided to put myself in timeout, threw on my coat and boots, and trudged through snow covered side walks to the fancy wine store around the corner from my apartment.  I figured since I was unable to put intelligent words on my computer screen, I could at least put some quality wine in my pantry, and my belly (cue Ron Burgundy). When I got to the store, I told them what I was looking for, and had a very "Say Yes to the  Dress Wine" experience. I ended up going home a a slightly buttery, unoaked chardonnay and an award winning Chilean Carmenere. According to the woman in the store, it was steal for the price, and she made me promise to come back and tell her how what I thought of it. Upon returning home, I took my little timeout one step further, and marinated a pork loin--details on that later. And then it happened. I had a glass of wine, and the words started flowing. I was able to produce about 75% of my essay that very night. It just what I needed to power through to the next day to complete and submit my application 3 whole days before it was due. Sha-zaam!

I decided to save this for a special occasion

And with my application submitted Friday evening, I was able to enjoy a FABULOUS weekend that included a girl's night out for Baltimore Restaurant week (blog post coming), a ridiculously good pork loin (blog post coming) AND a few surprises for y'all in the near future!

Consider this my apology for my absence :-)

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  1. Good for you. I was feeling all motivated powering through my day,yesterday, then my daughter just let loose and drove me all types of crazy. So i put myself into a time out and am hoping to pick up today where i left off.

    Congrats on finishing and I cant wait to here the outcome of these applications :)



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