Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beurre Noisette Brownies

Beurre Noisette (burr nwah-ZET):
-noun, French
a sauce of butter cooked until golden or toasty brown in color, producing a nutty aroma and flavor.

Buerre Noisette, or browned butter, is, as far as I'm concerned, the baking equivalent to rendered bacon fat.  An epicurean treasure of immeasurable value, it somehow makes the love that is butter even better, and could only have been gifted to the world by the French, who in my humble opinion, are the foremost authority on all things pastry and/or dessert. Don't believe me? Take a trip to Paris, and walk into any bakery or as they call them, patisserie shop, and tell me you don't want to eat everything you see. Or if you're fortunate enough to have an authentic patisserie shop nearby, you could just go there and order half a pound of raspberry macaroons and a pear tart resist the urge to order 1 of everything in the case. Bet you can't say that about your corner bakery. Don't get me wrong, I like desserts of many varieties and cultural origins, but nothing can hold a candle to French desserts. It is browned butter that was the key ingredient in this brownie recipe that ultimately convinced me to create my own shop on Etsy, and finally give life to my "side hustle" plans.

I wish I could say this recipe was an original creation, but I've already established that I'm no baking queen. However, I never met a recipe I couldn't alter, and contrary to popular belief, there is room for experimentation in baking, albeit not much. What changes did I make? Well if I told you, I'd have to kill you, and that wouldn't be good for business. Just know that these brownies were delicious perfection, and one lucky reader will be able to soon confirm that for free! But this isn't the giveaway post yet, this is just the teaser, cuz I'm a tease like that (but don't ask around to confirm that, lol). In the meantime, enjoy the gratuitous brownie making food porn

Sugar and Cocoa 

Chopped Walnuts

This is where the magic starts

A Glorious Beurre Noisette

As if I would let all that good go to waste 



  1. You're killing me. I LOVE butter! I must have a taste of these brownies - we can trade secrets! :)

  2. You better have some to share next time i see you! And an no-nuts option would be preferrable. Thanks in advance!

  3. i would choke someone to have one of those right about now. Not fair

  4. Love those so yummy! If you get this "side hustle" up and running, I want a batch all to myself :)

  5. Chocolate heaven...That's what that is!

  6. you've got a deal. Besides, I think I'm going to have to bring these to our next gathering, per the "requests" of several people, lol.

  7. Lol, will do, but I don't know if I can omitt the walnuts

  8. lol, violence is not required. I''ve already decided to bring these to our next gathering.

  9. you've got it. I'm hoping to have a basic set up by next week. The question is where will I find the time? I don't know how you do it Maddy, but I know it can be done!

  10. These are a chocolate lover's dream.



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