Monday, March 28, 2011

Down and Up

 I'm sure you've noticed I've been MIA--a blantant violation of my blog resolutions. I apologize, but I had a rough week. It invovled rejection e-mails, a migraine, and a poodle with pink eye--yeah, dogs can get pink eye, who knew?! So needless to say, I was in no condition to blog. Fast forward to the weekend, and I was in full recovery.  I got "over it" and I baked brownies for my Etsy shop (Thanks DFig & Maddy!), made waffles,  cleaned my apartment, caught up on my blogs, and was feeling like myself again. I was all ready to write up my Meatless Monday post Sunday evening, that is of course, until I watched my beloved Army Wives. If you don't watch this show, you should! If you do watch the show, then I'm sure you, too, were boohooing your eyes out for 60 consecutive minutes, just as I was. And when I say boohooing, I mean, BOOHOOING--like sobbing into my glass of wine! It's moments like these that I'm glad I live alone, because it was a bit embarrassing--except it wasn't, because even though the characters on the show are fictional, the storyline portrays the hard reality of our country's military families with powerful accuracy, and that in itself is worth a few tears. So it should come as no suprise that I was exhuasted from all the crying and the drinking wine with tears in it, and just couldn't get it together to write my blog post. I thought I could get up this morning and do it--but those of you who know me well are probably laughing at that notion--morning person I am NOT.

But what goes down must come up, and today I'm feeling better, and I owe that to a few special people out there.

First and foremeost, I love my sister--she's a total life safer, who brought me migraine medicine and walked the poodle for me when I was out of commision. I know it's what sisters are supposed to do, but still, it's a big deal, so THANKS ODICHI, I LOVE YOU MUCH!!

And a big big Thank You to Maddy, DFig, and Chavonne for supporting my little business venture on Etsy with a purchase and/or blog feature. If you haven't already, please check out their blogs, I mean if I follow them, they must be awesome, no?

Maddy, my dear, I finally have a reason to hire you for a photo shoot, because your skills are definitely what my shop is missing! Watchout summer 2011, here comes trouble :)

Oh and as if that weren't awesome enough, the love of my life, TJ Holmes totally responded to my tweet on The Twitter. I'm now planning our wedding in Atlanta. A girl can dream...

Thanks to all of my readers out there, you guys are awesome!


  1. I just checked out your crush (I'm not a CNN junkie anymore)... he is cute!!! Hee hee!

    Glad your week is going better!

  2. Glad your week took a turn for the better! I totally can relate. I had a similar week a couple of weeks back, so I know exactly how you feel. I'm glad you're feeling better and that Spain is around the corner :) I'm sure you can't hardly wait!

  3. YAY for sisters and yay for you feeling better!

  4. I feel like my life has become a series of ups and big downs. I'm so over this phase of my life. But at least I have Spain to look forward to soon.

  5. TJ is a breath of fresh air, and my only reason for watching CNN on saturday mornings. He makes every morning a better one, lol



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