Friday, April 29, 2011

To the Ranter go the Spoils

I think I've clearly established, if not via the title of this blog, than definitely in several of my past posts, that ranting is a part of me, and I'm not afraid to go there.  And by going there, I mean make a fuss, a ruckus, or even a scene [depending on my mood, blood sugar levels, and the severity of the situation] in public when I feel as though someone is trying to get one over on me--especially when it comes to money. So when I decided to purchase my first DSLR camera a few months ago, I knew it would be an investment, and promptly did my research, and selected the shiny new camera of my dreams. I made a plan to save the cash for this camera, and did what any smart shopper would do--I stalked this camera on every website available online for weeks. I went to visit it in person at Best Buy to play around with it, and get a feel for it--and to ask the sales associate when/if it would go on sale. When it comes to big purchases, I don't play. I had a meticulously detailed plan of how, when, and where I would purchase my camera, and I was fairly pleased with myself for not going entirely ape $hit when my savings plan got blown out of the water every. single. paycheck. due to unforeseen expenses. If there's one thing I've been trying to teach myself, it's to not freak out over things that you can't do a damn thing about. But Lord knows, I have my limits...

Picture this: Exactly one week after my initial visit, I returned to Best Buy to visit my camera--again. And low and behold, the price of the camera--which was not on sale previously, had gone up. As you can imagine, I was not pleased. I was flabbergasted a little pissed off, and determined to find out what the french toast was going on. The story goes a little bit like this:

Best Buy Dude: Is there something I can help you find today, Miss?

Me: (sour faced, arms crossed). Yes. You can tell me how much the Canon T3 Rebel DSLR costs. It seems to have gone up $30 since last week. I'm not retarded. It was a different price last week!

BBG: (chuckles at my retarded comment). I'm sorry, let me see what I can do for you.

Lots of computer clicking Best Buy Guy joins in on the fun...

New Best Buy Guy: Well, it seems you're right. It was $30 cheaper last week, and it wasn't on sale.

Me: No $hit, Sherlock! (ok, I really didn't say that. I was actually very polite--but with a sour face, and my arms crossed though). Well why has the price gone up?? It's not like it the camera became any more valuable in the last seven days. It's not a barrel of freakin' oil!

NBBG: Actually, it did get more valuable. There was another earthquake in Japan on Thursday. (yes, that means this happened a full 3 weeks ago, but let's focus on the story, mmkay?)

Me: Oh yeah, there was.... Geez, they just can't win!  (feeling a little bad now).

NBBG: Yeah...(with slight side eye)

Me: But that still really sucks! (arms crossed, face even more sour than before). Well, do you know if this camera will go on sale anytime soon, and by soon, I mean like in the next two weeks. I'm on a deadline to purchase it for my trip to Spain!

NBBG: Let me check.

lots o' time, computer clicking, more complaining on my part, more computer clicking, and an additional Best Buy Guy later...

NBBG: Ok, Ma'am. We're not supposed to do this, BUT we'll price match the camera to's price here in the store, and you can walk out with it today.

Me: Well, I wasn't planning on buying it today. But, Ok, let's do this!

...about an hour and a half later following LOTS of computer clicking, a visit to the customer service desk, and a drive to a different Best Buy that actually had the camera in stock, I skipped out to my car with my brand new DSLR camera in hand.

See, it pays to rant :D

So I've had the camera for 3 full weeks now, and in typical "me" fashion, I still haven't read through the owner's manual. *shrug* But I've still been busy snapping all sorts of pictures, and trust me there is plenty more where these pics came from.

Merry Freakin Friday! And I will be taking lots of pictures at Toya's Baby Shower/Sip n See tomorrow!

Of course the first pictures I took were of Kona. Please note him giving me the side eye for interrupting his nap on my legs. #spoiled

The food wasn't really good at all, but with bottomless mimosas and bloody Marys, I really didn't care that much.

There are two posts coming about these brownies

How cute is he? He loves to look out the window

Glorious Butter, not yet browned

Of course, another poodle portrait.


  1. oh yes, I will go there with too. i think its just in my blood. My grandmother was known for making a big production to get the “correct” price. She once claimed she was having heart problems due to the stress of the sales lady refusing to allow her to purchase the jean jacket for the price it was marked (apparently someone had incorrectly marked it down but at that time the law was on her side) and we stood there for hours, watching the lady continuously call up the Macys ladder until they finally gave her the jacket.

    I didn't know people really had sip n sees. I can't wait for these pics and the ones from your future trip to Spain. I wont be taking any big trips for a while so ill live vicariously through you for now.

  2. I'm loving your grandmother! Persistence and dramatics pay off! And I totally ripped off "sip n see" for RHOATL. Tomorrow was supposed to just be Toyas uber late scheduled baby shower, but her little bundle of joy decided she wanted out last week. So tomorrow we shall sip n see the baby and shower them both with gifts. And then I'm off to Spain in 11 days. So excited!

  3. qtrlifechroniclesMay 2, 2011 at 4:09 AM

    I'm so effin jealous of your camera. That is on the list things I want to buy but can'! I can't wait to see the pics!

    Yup, Chavonne...we were boughetto and had a sip n! Somebody didn't feel like waiting until her due date.

  4. Loving that camera! What a vast difference it makes in your pics. Got to get me one of those. Oh and Kona is adorable!

  5. It does pay to rant and have research to back it up :) Glad you got your camera! It's amazing the great difference a good camera can make in photo quality - I'm a believer!! Can't wait to see the pictures you'll take this time around in Spain!

  6. Funny, when I was reading this, I was thinking I need to recommend Amazon (which is where I got my Rebel). They always have he best pricing on electronics. Then I got sidelined by Kona's cuteness. In love.

  7. Best Buy price matches? Very valuable info!

  8. I have to say, it's been the most satisfying purchase I've made in ages.
    Totally worth the investment. Now I really need to get around to reading the
    user's manual, right?

  9. thanks, I'm so pleased with the quality of my pictures, and that's with me
    not having actually learning how to use it properly. I'll get around to that
    evenutally thought. And yes, Kona is fully aware of his cuteness. He's
    shameless with it, lol

  10. omg, 6 days to go! in fact, this time next week, I'll be wrist deep in jamon
    and Spaniards, and taking countless pics :) I can see myself becoming
    obsessed with photography, and I'm still planning on taking a class one day.
    yay for a new hobby :)

  11. Yeah, I almost always use amazon as my price point reference, but I didn't
    want to buy such an expensive item online, because I've had some issues with
    shipping and delivery. Lol, everybody is in love with Kona--he's obscenely
    spoiled. Lord help me if I ever have a cute kid, lol

  12. Oh yes, they price match, they were very accomodating :)



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