Friday, January 27, 2012

Maple Bacon Biscuits

Here we go with the cute food again. Damn that Adrianna! For the record, I cooked these biscuits exactly 2 1/2 months ago. Don't ask me what I was doing with my time in between then and now, because I surely couldn't tell you, though I know for a fact that lots of bourbon was involved. And yes, I'm aware of the irony of this post following my lambasting of our nation's favorite diabetic, butter loving, cigarette smoking, foul-mouthed grandmother. But I wouldn't advocate eating biscuits like these, or of any variety really, more than two or three times a year. This sort of indulgence, in addition to the labor that goes into to making good biscuits, lands them squarely in the "special occasions category". I'll step off my soapbox now, as my hands are covered in butter and bacon grease, and I'm hungry. #damnitfeelsgoodtobeagangsta

While the details of the last few months seem some what hazy, I can tell you that on one lovely and lazy Sunday morning in November, I woke up and decided to make these maple bacon biscuits. And what a glorious Sunday morning it was!

Have I mentioned that I love my new kitchen? If I haven't mentioned that, I should mention it now. I love my new kitchen. I love that my new kitchen actually has counter tops [plural!]. I love that I no longer have to do all of my cooking prep in a different room than my kitchen, and that I no longer have to walk across my small but still real living room/dining space to put food on the stove.

I also love that I no longer have to play a balancing game on the top of the microwave to use my waffle iron. And I love that I can make actual dough on an actual granite countertop, with full confidence that when I wiped it down, I didn't miss some unseen crevices full of salmonella ready to poison me, because I no longer have to knead dough on my questionable wood dining table.

And most of all, I love bacon. I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I literally believe that bacon makes the world a better place. I think that a world without bacon, is like a night without stars. I wish that all religions ate bacon, because bacon is amazing. And I really wish, with all my heart, that people would stop referring to strips of alterted turkey as "bacon". If it ain't pig, it ain't bacon, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

So here they are, glorious little biscuits chock full o' bacon, and topped with a maple glaze. Personally, I thought the glaze was a little too much, and halved the proportions. But even with that "just a little too much" maple glaze, these were heavenly. And sometimes, a little too much is just right.

nom nom!


  1. These are so good. I made them awhile back and I loved them.
    they were great with scrambled eggs in the middle as well.
    Here is my review when I made them.

  2. Seriously, this should be illegal! I'm sure I could scarf down a dozen of these without blinking :)

  3. These look great!  I agree, turkey bacon is NOT bacon.  In fact, it's a highly processed food with more sodium than real bacon.  Dr. Oz says you should only eat turkey bacon if it's for religious reasons.  If I couldn't eat real bacon, I'd just leave the fake bacon alone.

  4. Wow - these look delicious!  They would definitely be a treat, but what a treat!

  5. Wow, these look so flaky and delicious! My hubby would love these for today's Sunday breakfast!

  6. Oh wow, what a combination! Looks lovely!

  7. They make the perfect sunday breakfast, go for it!

  8. Now that is irony that turkey bacon is the worse alternative, I may have to do a post about that. Bacon is so awesome, I just don't understand how people could bother with anything but the real deal.

  9. I defintely ate like 5 of them in one morning, but that's mostly because I made them super small because I didn't have bicsuit cutters. But still, they are pretty addictive. Fortunately they invovle too much work for me to bother making them again anytime soon. But maybe I'll bring some for our girls get together next month. I think yes!

  10. Why didn't I think of that?! Scrambled eggs maple bacon biscuit sandwich=awesome!



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