Monday, November 12, 2012

A Place of Yes


If you speak even the smallest smattering of Spanish,  I assume that you might find the title of this long overdue blog entry a bit contratictory to the blog's new namesake Sin Mayonesa, Por Favor. But I assure, it's not.


Allow me to explain. When I departed from the states on the 11th of September, I was carrying with me a bag of farewell cards from my friends, that I didn't  have the stones [nor the time, or emotional capital] to read previously. But during the drive to JFK international, following my heroing defeat of all things Murphy's law on that fateful day, I finally decided it was time to put my big girl panties on, and read what my friends had to say. Naturally, all the cards made me cry.  But one card hit a chord. One of my dear friends encouraged me to find my place of yes.

You see, contrary to what I may have led you to believe via this blog here, I think "no" might be one of my favorite words in the Enlish lexicon. I find that I live a life of contradictions, in which I enthusiastically say yes to the big things, like moving abroad, and yet stubbornly box myself into a ridiculously specific set of parameters in which I tell myself I wish live my life. Obviously, this is a crazy and really stupid way to be. My friends point this out to me out constantly, and TJ specifically called out this particular aspect of my crazy before I left. God bless her.

Alhambra, Granada
And since arriving to Murcia, I've certainly said yes to many a new experiences. Like pizza with tuna. (I did not like it). And partying like a 22 year old (constantly), when I'm most certainly not 22 anymore. (My body hates me). And living with 21 and 22 year old Erasumus students (and they're awesome). And Canadian Thanksgiving (it's just like ours, but in October). And intercambios (language exhanges) where native Spanish speakers allow me to butcher their beautiful language in an effort to improve my ability (it actually works!) And staying in a hostel for the first time (and I didn't get murdered!). And staying up till 6am to watch the live election results. (Totally worth it, YES WE DID!) And hiking/climing a mountatin--yes, me, on a mountain. (Soon!) It turns out, finding my place of yes was inevitable, or else I would simply have imported my American life almost entirely to Spain. And that would have defeated the purpose of coming here altogether.

Mi compañeros de piso (roommates). Emily, USA; Sophie, Belgium; & Olly, England

Candadian Thanksgiving. This photo prooves that it's impossible to take good TG pictures once the food makes an appearance

I'm excited to think that I've only started to scratch the surface of what "yes" can do for me, where "yes" can take me, and how "yes" can help me grow.


But I'm still saying no to mayonnaise. Sorry Spain, but it's just gross.
Fried cod, caramelized onions, raspberry compote. Amazing.
El Rincon de Tapas de las Anas


  1. I've been following along via FB and instagram  and it looks like you are having an AMAZING time so far and partying it up!!! So glad that you're enjoying the experience

  2. I love this.  And I'll always say NO to mayo.  It's the most disgusting food on Earth! 

  3. I have to say that some days it's amazing, other days its almost not noticable that I live in another country, and a few days (like to day) I want to rip my hair out and scream at some Spaniards. But all in all, definitely loving it here :)

  4. Omg, I nearly threw a fit at dinner the other night b/c of mayonnaise. Like why can't they use yogurt as the base for ali-oli. I like garlic too, damnit!

  5. Love this, but I still don't know how you don't like mayo! I love it!

  6. Girl, I can't even look at mayo, it's jiggly....I just can't.

    2012/12/10 Disqus

  7. That picture of the fried cod with raspberry compote looks so good! Ugh, am I going to have to take a trip to Murcia? It wasn't on my list of places to visit until reading your blog. I can truly relate to this quote: "or else I would simply have imported my American life almost entirely to Spain." Though I've tried, I haven't had many "yes" experiences.

  8. Murcia doesn't offer much tourist-wise, but that's partly why I like it. It's as Spain as it gets, and I really like it here. The people are really nice, and it's cheap, and everyday it feels more like home :)



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