Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Le Pain Quotidien

Translation: The Daily Bread

After yet another fabulous Saturday night at my all time favorite watering hole in DC, Marvin, the next day I was in much need of good food and coffee. Thanks to my dear friend Alihah, who all too happily enables my food snobbery, I experienced this little slice of Paris on a beautiful, first Sunday of Spring.  Don't get me wrong, NOTHING compares to the real deal--NOTHING. But the last (and first) time I was in Paris, it was January and constantly overcast.  So imagine my delight on a glorious Sunday morning afternoon, to discover this organic, authentic Parisian jewel in the middle of Arlington, Va, aka the most suburban town in America.

Seriously one of the best cups of coffee I've ever had. Starbucks, you need to get your life together!

Alihah's Café au lait.  

Basil Pesto & Parmesan Omelette.
I almost got the goat cheese and asparagus omelette, but since I always get "the one with goat cheese" I decided to expand my horizons. Well consider my horizons expound, this omelette was "Slap Yo' Mamma" good!  The pesto was rich with fresh basil and light garlicy flavor, the parmesan was nutty and salty, and the eggs were fluffy* perfection.  It was an orgasmic experience. Really. The organic mesclun salad had the perfect amount of vinegarette, which was light and acidic, but not overpowering. 

This, my friends, is what a real** baguette should look like.  A thick and crunchy, hearth baked crust, with a deliciously porous and chewy inside. The spread options included a hazelnut praline "Brunette" spread (pictured) a 4-redberry jam, and apricot jam. All were delicious, but c'mon does anything stand a chance to hazelnut praline?
[in case you were wondering, the answer is "hellz naw"]

Rather than wait the twenty minutes for an outdoor table, we decided to dine inside and were seated next to the pantry which was full of a variety of tasty (and pricey) spreads. I'm convinced that this was no accident, and that the hostess knew that I cannot resist the allure of gourmet spreads.  I was strong enough to resist on Sunday [mostly because I'm low on spending money], but one day soon, I'm going back there to spend $10 on that brunette spread. And probably more stuff too, because let's be real, I'm not just going to buy 1 jar of spread.

*The fluffiness of organic eggs cannot be denied, they were like little clouds of joy. Next pay raise, I'm making that switch!

**Once you have an authentic baguette, you'll be pissed at those sticks of white bread they call baguettes in the grocery store, which are utter trash and why I shamelessly drench them in butter and olive oil . its the only way to make them edible.

 *~The Perfect Sunday Brunch~*


  1. Awesome brunch spot! And the cafe looked so cozy! Like you can sit at this spot for hours reading the paper and sipping on your warm beverage :) I like places like that! Definitely beats the revolving door at Starbucks!

  2. it was soo cute. there is a french bistro in my nieghborhood and i just realized they have a patisserie good can come of this.



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