Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Who Ate My Cheese?!

I just bought that cheese! I hadn't even taken it out of the grocery bag yet!

That's $.70 worth of New York Sharp Cheddar!

The poodle must pay his debt to society!

Kona, the Miniature Poodle, was found guilty of "brazen cheese theft" and sentenced to two and one half hours of crate prison.  He is seen here protesting his sentencing, and is petitioning for early release. Like most prisoners, he will likely be a repeat offender, and can expect to face more prison time in the future.

Damn poodle <3 


  1. Poor pup! How can you expect him to resist?? It's Sharp Cheddar after all!

  2. I guess i should have known better, this isn't the first time he's stolen good cheese, but this is the first time he's eaten it while it was still in the grocery bag. I sat all the stuff down in my chairs in the living room, and i was't paying attention. then i realized that had had been "sniffing" at one bag for a bit of time...and that's when i realized what he was really doing. i wanted to shake him. but



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