Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Life as a Pet Parent

In a completely non food, health policy, or rant related post...

Sometimes a picture needs no words...

To all my other dog mommies, does this scene look remotely familiar? [or is it just my bad ass poodle?]


  1. LOL...what exactly did he destroy?

  2. his reindeer girlfriend "rita". and that was his christmas gift, ungrateful mutt!

  3. i went through four pillow cushions, one of which was hand made. I know that scene all too well. oh the anger!

  4. I don't even buy Bailey stuffed animals anymore. I read that they pretend to stalk, pounce and kill the toys..that's why they rip them's their way to still "kill" even though they're domesticated...

    Be glad you're not made of cotton...It'd be your ass next...

  5. I have one dog (Milo) who plays nicely with stuffed toys. Our other dog (Zelda) destroys them. No more stuffed toys at our house! Unfortunately, this hasn't stopped Zelda from eating wine corks and eating my husband's Blackberry headphones. smh

  6. hahaha this reminds me of my dog Jada! she passed in 07 but i miss her. I can't wait to get another dog soon but i can't right now in my tiny apt and busy work schedule, one day : )

  7. Lol! I don't have a puppy, but I think the unconditional love and puppy "kisses" are an even trade ;o) Don't cha think?

  8. @ asha, lol! this is the second "humpie" kona has destroyed. but he get's so cranky without a humpie...

    @ jen, so what you'r saying is that i shouldn't have encourage Kona when he shakes his humpies and tell him "attack!"-but it was soo funny when he would do bad

    @keeley, kona has chewed on my bluetooth, and now it has no padding for the earpiece--ouch. and once he checked the cord to my macbook--while it was still plugged in. how he didnt' shock himself to death is beyond me and probably what saved me from beating him within an inch of his poodle life, lol.

    @ jonsey, sad face for Jada. the dogs i grew up with both passed in 06 and it was really rough. but the way i see it, no apt is too small for the right size dog. I got my puppy 6 months into my new job in 08--sometimes i get nervous about my next career steps, b/c i know i'll be busier, but its too late now. dogs are the best roomates ever :)

    @ maddy, the unconditional love is definitely an even trade. totally worth the trouble Kona occasionally gets into :)



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