Thursday, January 13, 2011

Onion Tart+Bloggers=LEGEN..(wait for it)...DARY!

I'm sure you're wondering exactly how the combination of an onion tart and bloggers could be so legen...(wait for it)...dary!

Onions are really quite smelly, especially when you sauté three pounds of them for over an hour in your small, poorly ventilated apartment. It doesn't matter that you opened the window in the kitchen, and closed all the doors in said apartment. The smell is so pervasive, it penetrates every space inside and sticks to any soft surface, including the clothes in your closet, your kind of brand new loveseat, your bedding, your hair, and even your miniature poodle! And all you can hope for is that your awesome friends for which you cooked these onions and hand made dough for the delicious tart in preparation for your  blogger meet up spectacular in Delaware are more polite than you, and don't exclaim, "Your hair smells like onions!" when they greet you with a hug.

Well my friends, that's exactly how the combination of and onion tart an bloggers could be so damn awesome, that I stayed in in Delaware for ten hours knowing I had to go to work the next morning!

Just after Christmas, my lovely friends Maddy, Latoya, and Chavonne, met up at Keeley's house for hours of fun, food, and foolishness. Since Keeley and Maddy already blogged about the details of our get together, I'll just give you a brief outline:

  • Keeley did all of the cooking (sans onion tart). The food was bombdiggity! Probably not what I needed right after the caloric shit storm that is the holiday season, but whatevs, no regrets!
  • I made an onion tart. It was cumbersome. It was worth it!
  • Two of Keeley's friends also came, one of whom also has a really awesome travel blog, Atlas in Her Hand, that makes me realize I need to get my travel game UP!
  • There was wine, and booze, and I was the bartender. Good thing we're all 'sponsible bloggers who know when stop drinking.
  • Chavonne and Maddy totally brought gifts, and I got The Bartenders Black Book! Score! Thanks ladies <3
  • We played Michael Jackson: The Experience on Wii. If I didn't know myself better, I would totally get a Wii. But I know myself very well, and know that my playstation and sega genesis are collecting dust somewhere in my sister's basement. Smh...
  • It was Legen.dary. No further explanation needed. I think the next trip will be to Jersey!
  • I totally looked and felt like a zombie at work the next day, ouch!
So I FAILED at taking pictures. But Keeley and Maddy have better cameras anyway, so check out their blogs!

Onion Tart with Mustard and Fennel Seed

I got this recipe from the Smitten Kitchen blog. Since I didn't stray from the recipe at all (shocking I know!) you can read the recipe here.

3 pounds=9 onions!
It took almost 2 weeks for the smell to clear entirely from my apartment

that's 12:07am, I'm such a night owl

*high five to those who know where the legendary reference is from
*I've noticed I've got some new readers, Welcome!!

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  1. My cubemate bought and tried the Michael Jackson game this weekend and said it's epic. Glad to see another favourable review. I must try it now.



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