Friday, May 20, 2011

¡Estoy Aqui!

Hola Guapos! I'm back! I'm sure I don't have to tell you this, but Spain was AWESOME. I've got plenty to tell, tons of pics, and delusions of granduer galore, but before I get to that, I'm going get caught up on all you YOUR blogs. Catch y'all in a bit.



  1. I bet Spain was a blast! *sigh* I can't wait to head out to Greece myself. I'm in desperate need of a vacation ASAP! Can't wait to see the pictures, especially with your new camera!   

  2. What are you drinking?

    Claire M.

  3. Spain was awesome. I'm still suffering from the back from vacation blues, plus I'm reluctantly catching up on my responsibilities at work, hence my lack of posting. But boy do I have pics to share :) When are you off to Greece? My sister is there now, so I can't wait to hear about it, twice!

  4. I'm drinking a mojito, but they make them a little different in the Andulusian region of Spain, and they're to die for!

  5. Did I tell you I was jealous? Just checking!



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