Wednesday, June 1, 2011

España, We Meet Again

Beachside in El Puerto de Santa Maria

I'm baaack! Well, obviously I've been back. For a full two weeks now. But in typical me fashion, I've been wallowing in my "back from vacation blues", and just couldn't bring myself to blog. Actually, that's not true. I mean, I'm definitely suffering from the back from Spain blues--because Spain was legen---wait for it---dary! But unlike last year, I didn't actually cry at my desk when I returned to work nor seriously consider grabbing my purse, and fleeing my job, to never return. [no bullshiggity]. Oh no, this time, I came back determined to fulfill my vow to move to Spain, and started my research, while fighting on hell of a cold [damn, the Spanish love their cigarettes!]. And then it was Memorial day weekend, and I partied so hard that I got sick all over again. And thus I don't have the physical strength to put my air conditioner in the window. And here were are in the third day of an EPIC heat wave in which I have slept without air conditioning [and have been showering the poodle in cold water until he gets a hair cut], and I now finally have the mental capacity to begin chronicling my outlandishly awesome time in España. 

C'mon, you know I had to get my dance on. More on this to come, promise!

So where do I start? Well, I guess at the beginning. Unlike last year, when I went with my older sister and two of my best friends, Hillary and Alihah, this time I just went with my cousin Labrone, who we went to visit last year, and was accompanied by his friend from the Air Force, Jason [who definitely looks like Derek Jeter (score!)]. I will say that I did learn that men and women communicate very differently, and I now see why communication is such an crucial part of a successful marriage, lol. And that my cousin is a pretty boy who obsessively irons his clothes and takes longer than me to get ready even though he's bald. [insert side eye here]. Oh, and did I mention that were were accompanied by my cousin's girlfriend, who speaks about 5 words of English? Yeah, I was concerned that would be awkward, but somehow we all made it work.

Espana, we have arrived! Waiting for our train in Sevilla :)

stuntin on day 2, to the Feria!

It's Iron Man!

So let's talk about the awesomeness, shall we? As I told you before, the impetus of this trip [aside from cousin visiting his cross-continental girlfriend] was to go to La Feria de Caballo or the Fair of the Horse, in the city of Jerez de la Frontera. The Feria is kind of like the state fair on STEROIDS and with horses! The people riding the horses were dressed in the traditional old world horse riding attire--and I'm talking men, women and itty bitty children that rode those horses so professionally that the little girl inside of me that always wanted a pony was insanely jealous and completely in awe. The crowd attending the feria was there to par-ty! All while most of the men and women were dressed in their best flamenco dresses or suits. The local restaurants all participate, and set up shop in tents called casetas that fill the city square. Inside the casetas is where the party was...and man did we party! But I'll get into that in another are a few pictures until then :-D

Just as last year, the food consisted of pork and jamón and more pork and fried things and white bread. But still tasty :)

recognize anyone from last year? It's Fran, my cousin by association!

And let the tomfoolery commence!

It's Mateo McConaughey!

The Feria all lit up. I took this with my old point and shoot, because I didn't feel like lugging around the big camera all the time.

I did mention there was tomfoolery rampant, right? I blame Labrone, entirely!


  1. I love looking at Spanish men....reason enough to move *yes, I'm married. but not blind!*

    My cousin is there now for 1 year and she is in love already and talking about never coming back....which makes me think I need to visit her b/c there is clearly greatness happening in Spain if everyone goes and then decides they want to move.

    Nice pics. you and "mateo" look like BFFs! 

  2. D, looking at those Spanish men could be an olympic sport, married or not,
    lol! What part of Spain is your cousin in, if she's in the southern region,
    tell her to stay put and find a job while she's there, because that's going
    to be the hardest part of my transition, espcially while their economy is
    basically in toilet. But I'm sure God will provide a way.

    You absolutely MUST go to Spain--my advice is hit up barcelona and the
    southern coast. The people are friendly, and they know how to party. Just be
    ware, there will be minimal vegetables on the menu, prepare your digestive
    system, lol!

  3. Wow!  Was it only beautiful people allowed on this trip?!  Because seriously, you're all smoking HOT!  Love all your photos! I see your new camera got some good use on vacation and that you really lived it up :) I would like to think that vacationing with boys is a lot more fun that vacationing with girls - no offense ladies!

    And hurry up and move there so I can go visit and you can introduce me to your Spain :)

  4. lol, thanks Maddy, I have to say, we all put massive effort into looking our best. It took forever to get us all out of the apartment. I am seriously loving my new camera, and I still haven't taken it off auto--yet! I have to say, vacaying with boys is different, definitely lots of fun, but I needed my girls, they're my partners in crime, and cohorts in Spanish men watching (and flirting). I have literally started my research process for my move, I am so serious. I already know, I'm going to have to think outside of the "teach enlish" box in order to get over there, but I've been listening to Oprah, and dreamining big! And you will have to visit, so I can practice my Spanish, and of course, run amuck all over the country! To Spain we shall gooooooo!

  5. I just came across your blog and wanted to comment on your awesome trip and photos.  Looks like a great time was had by all.  You will be so happy and successful in Spain!  I just moved from Baltimore to Hawaii earlier this year and it was the best decision I've ever made.  Like you said, God will make a way.  All the best!

  6. Hi Monique! So glad you found your way to my little ol' blog! Thank you for
    your well wishes, I know I can make my dream happen if I work for it, and
    with God all things are possible! So, Baltimore to Hawaii?? That's what I
    call an upgrade. Thanks for the love, hope t hear from you again :)

  7. I can very much sympathize with your post vacation blues. I am in the midst of them now post France. I figured catching up on my blogs was step one. I don't have the energy for much else. I feel like the jet lag has hit me full force. I get starving at lunch time- duh, cause it's time to eat dinner. Can't wait to move on. Perhaps this weekend I'll start to pull together my images. You have inspired me with your post! Looks like so much fun, gorgeous, just gorgeous. 

  8. Well I'm glad to have inspired you, now if I could inspire myself. I'm blaming half of my laziness on the busyness of summer. Snookie waaah, lol
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  9. Like your blog a lot. Adding it to my list of liked blogs at

  10. Thanks!! I'll check yours out!

  11. Can we talk about how cute you look in stripes!?!



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