Monday, July 11, 2011

Damn Rabbit Hole...

Hola guapos! I just wanted to do a quick "I'm sorry for being incognegro" (again) and let you know that I'll be back soon. Somebody decided that I just didn't have quite enough on my plate at the moment, and decided to sling shot a veritable smorgasbord of bullshiggity and stress my way. Needless to say, things are a little hectic at the moment. I'm also in the process of trying to read all the Harry Potter books in time to see the last movie, because I can't in good conscience, see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 without knowing all the intricate details that get lost when literature becomes cinema. I mean really, the last two movies, there were obviously things missing, and I was confused (and a bit scared, but more on that in a moment).  And I should note that immediately following my conquest of seven 5 1/2 books (almost done with book two, details on why I'm not further along to come), I'm going to promptly read my Bible, because I'm gonna level with you, Harry Potter kind of scares the crap out of me, and makes me begrudgingly acknowledge that my mom may have been right about witchcraft and wizardry perhaps not being the sort of stuff children (or 25+ year old scardy cats such as my self) should read, and the kind of thing Jesus might frown upon. Oops..

And about my slow reading progress...see right what had happened was... last week as I finished book 1, checked out book two, and was on schedule to be on the end of book 4 by today (which obviously, I am not), LIFE kind of happened, and family business trumps Harry Potter and blogging and enjoying my weekend(s). I'm pretty much going to be off the grid for the next 5 days, I'm talking no Internet access and spotty cell phone reception. Le sigh...

So as soon as things get back to normal, I'll be back with LOTS to catch you up on, including a little gift from Spain that I literally forgot to do a giveaway post for. MY BAD. You still love me, right? 'Till next time... Hopefully in a week or two....Adios!

Oh, but in better news, I totally ordered my very first DROID phone, and should be up and running by tomorrow...just in time to go off the grid. So long blackberry. It was a toxic relationship, but I shall miss my BBM.


  1. Hope things are okay!  I have my own drama (as usual), so I know how it is.

    You went with a Droid???  I just switched from BlackBerry to iPhone and I'm in LOVE!!!  Best decision this summer!

  2. I'm ok, I'll inbox you details. I went with droid because I really need/want a global capable phone, my upgrade was free ( and I don't have the patience to wait on iphone 5 which isn't gauranteed to be global. I am excited for the new possibilities of a smartphone that's actually useful :D

  3. Reading the Harry Potter books has been on my to-do list for quite some time....just never get around to do it.  And I chuckled at your comment about your mom and her thoughts on "all that stuff". I once had a REALLY scary experience with the Ouija board (this was in my 20's) and I immediately ran to my pastor! Never playing around with that stuff again.  

    I'm also with Keeley....I'm holding out for an iPhone.  I hate Verizon and AT&T, but I can't do it anymore. I feel like I'm missing out on the bet thing EVER!

  4. Lol, yeah, I don't like to mess around with "that stuff". At least I'm not the only one who still hasn't read the books, they've been on my book list for years now. I am really enjoying them, even though they're kind of scary. And I'm the queen of impatience and I love all things free, so I opted for the HTC Incredible 2. I still havent' received it yet (side eye to FedEx) but I've heard great things about it, and ANYTHING is an upgrade from wackberry

  5. I think anything is a win/win over the Blackberry. My husband has one for work and I can never seem to operate it. I would also take you time with Potter. You don't want to try and go opening weekend to the theatre. It will be a mob scene. Wait a solid week or two and let the kiddies take over. Then you can take advantage of empty theatres!

  6. Glad everything seems to be going well, and welcome to Team Android. All we do is win.

  7. Thanks for the welcome. I'm loving my droid, and I haven't even fully
    figured out all the bells and whistles. but the difference between this and
    blackberry is ridiculous. I finally have a real phone :)

  8. You're so right about the phone. The droid was a win/win. And I'm tragically
    only on book three, I'm going to have to shun TV for the rest of the week to
    make any real progress and still be able to get through the rst of the books
    in time to see it before it leaves the theatres. But I'm all about winning
    this challenge :)



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