Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Samba Churrasco!

I'm back from the rabbit hole! Man oh man, what a rabbit hole it was, and oh em gee am I glad to be back.  I'm still hopelessly behind on my Harry Potter progress as I'm only about 1/3 through book 4...le fret! I'm seriously worried that I won't get through all these books in time to see the movie while it's still in theaters. Not because I'm a slow reader, but because my summer is about to go from crazy to ape $hit, due to the fact that  both of my sisters and 3 out my 5 closest friends decided to be born in late summer, and I'll be a bit preoccupied with dinners, mojitos, and awesomeness. Eh..I'm sure I'll find a way to make it work. Speaking of birthdays, I have yet another friend, whom though is not one of the fab five, also happens to be a summer baby, and celebrates his day with a big Brazilian barbecue. Some of you may remember my first experience with churrasco last summer, which was life changing. So as you can imagine, I was all too happy to celebrate with my friend Max David yet again, as well as eat half my body weight in grilled meats. 

Of course, common courtesy dictates that you don't show up to an awe inspiring meat fest empty handed. I wanted to bring something special, so I made a Basil-Lime Rum Punch. The recipe is super simple:

2 cups o' lime juice [make sure the limes are fresh and haven't gone bitter like mine did :\ ]
1 cup basil simple syrup [1 cup water, 1 cup sugar, ton of basil leaves, boiled in saucepan until sugar is completely dissolved]
White Rum [lots of it]
Strain the basil leaves, mix liquids together, drink your face off. The end.

There's the birthday boy/grill master/raging carnivore. Yeah, buddy!

That's Alihah, one of my fab five. She and Max David work for the same company, because the world is small, and the DC metro area is smaller.

This time, my sister, Odichi was actually around (she missed it last year because she was in Italy...she gets no sympathy!) and she too had her life changed by churrasco.

And just like last year, there was live music, and it was awesome.

It was a glorious event. 

Life is good. Summer is better. Happy Birthday Max David!


  1. My son really wants to see the last Harry Potter but like I have no idea what its about and neither he or husband are good on filling me in on the plot and I really dont want to watch the other movies or read those long ass books, sorry :/. I think they'll be making it a boys night

    This looks like my type of party (even though I dont eat red meat or pork but I do see some chicken). I love a good get together at someone's home and the live music is cool. Maybe I should get my house together and do something like this when its not blazing hot out anymore

  2. I've only had churrasco at restaurants, but never at a real, authentic Brazilian bbq....yum! Your friend sure knows how to throw a party! I need more friends like that :) 

  3. Ahhhhhhhh, that meat looks so freaking good!

  4. it's life changing, Kristin. I'm not exaggerating, lol

  5. I've never had churrasco in a restaurant, and now I don't think I would bother with it. I have too many friends that know how to party, lol, but it keeps me very busy, especially in summer, so I can't complain :)

  6. Wow, has your son seen all the movies so far? I'm a scardy cat, but even so, I would think that anything after the third movie/book isn't very kid friendly, but then again, I'm a scardy cat, lol. What's funny about the churrasco is that friend Alihah doesn't eat red meat or pork either--except when at this bbq. She says it's totally worth it, lol. I like the idea of a get together at your house. I'm curently in the process of apartment hunting, and I'm really hoping to rent a house with yard space, but in lieu of that, I'll totally make the drive to jersey for a get together :)

  7. This looks like the awesomest house party/meat fest I have ever seen. We have indulged in churrasco while dining out but never attempted to replicate ourselves. Mind you, my husband is also that guy who takes this all you can eat BBQ deliciousness as a personal eating challenge and embarrassed me to such a degree we can never go back to our local spot, so I have no choice but to wait until someone we know holds a party like this!

  8. I have to admit, it is pretty awesome. If I had a yard and a husband, I would totally make him try to replicate this at home, because practice makes perfect, and then there are no strangers to bear witness to however much churrasco you can manage to eat. That's what I call a win-win :)



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