Friday, August 5, 2011

This Woman is Ruining My Life!

Talented heifer!

Do you know what I just did? I left work, with a big pile of "$hit to get done" on my desk, and ran to the library to return book 5 and check out book 6. I just got back to my office. There's sweat in my hair, I'm slightly winded and I'm also precariously behind schedule on that $hit that needs to get done in time for my meeting at 2pm. But I don't care, because I got book 6, which is mercifully short at 652 pages, and I'm that much closer to knowing how it all ends! I'm obsessed. I'm tired, and I definitely had to talk myself out a panic when I heard something go bump in the night just after I finished book 5 around 1am this morning. I'm not even going to pretend that I'm going to blog until I finish these books. And while I've fallen behind on your blogs before for less legitimate reasons, please know that I'll be back to your blogs as soon as I finish this quest, because at this point I can't stop myself. This is all I have time to say, gotta get back to my real job now!

Merry Friday!


  1. The real kick is when you decide that you will RE-READ all the books before seeing the movie.  Foolish. I read 4 books in 1 week and then realized I needed to be asleep instead of sitting up at 1am reading.  ridic!  

    I was so happy to find the copies for my Nook this time around. She is against e-books (although I hear she is releasing them this fall finally!), but had some not quite legal copies.

  2. Hah, they are like crack and I was definitely an addict when I rolled through all the books! I love when something is that good though. That you are up until 1:00 AM. It rarely happens and then I am sad when they are done. But get to catch up on sleep!

  3. Well, I'm feeling more motivated to pick them up now! If you're such a fan, then I'm sure I would love it just as much! 

  4. I can't believe you read the first four book in one week! But then again, my life kept getting in the way of me getting long stretches of reading time. But I'm definitely cracked out! I've been crazy busy all week, and don't get to start reading till late, and then I look up and it's 1 am, and I convince myself just a few more pages, and then it's 2:30. wtf, man!

  5. I know I'm going to be sad when I finish reading them. I'm emotionally attached to the characters, and I see a lot of myself in Harry (bad temper, irrational decision making, pretty much all his faults) and Hermione is kind of my hero. woah...I just went full blown nerd on you, lol

  6. Just prepare yourself to be obsessed. I seriously considered reading at my desk at work this morning. I'm just 100 pages away from finishing book 6...



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