Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Fast Likes Winning!

Hola lovers! I'm back! I'm sure you're thinking, where the EFF have I been? Or why the EFF am a week late announcing the giveaway winner? And I'm sure you're definitely thinking you don't want to hear about another damn rabbit hole for as long as you live and blog. Am I right? I know I'm so tired of falling down rabbit holes, I could vomit. But you know, life happens, and it turns out, I'm not as good at multitasking as I thought I was. But no worries, I'm here now, and I've got news! For starters, the winner of the oh so colorful kitchen set is Noelani from Mon Petit Chou Chou! Congrats lady, inbox me so I can snail mail you your gift :-)

And for my news....

I finally got my new car. After a long and dramatic search [then follwed by 2 hours of my day wasted at the MVA for a 5 minute transaction] I'm finally back on the road in what can best be described as FAST [actually she's a Honda, but don't tell the good folks at VW, I loved this ad campaign].

My fast has a problem with authority.
My fast likes the windows down.
My fast likes is excited to be back in front the keyboard.



  1. I love my Honda.  That is all.  Congrats on the new ride.

  2. Thanks! I finally get to drive it tomorrow now that it's regisetered and legal. Not that driving in this rain is an exciting prospect, but I've got places to go and the accord will take me there *happy dance*

  3. Congrats the car!  I can't wait for the day that I get to drive a new car.  But until then, I'll just be grateful for a new house :)

  4. The car is just new to me, but still, it's far better than I could've hoped for. It's not just a car that I need, it's a car that I wanted. I've only been driviing it two days, so it still hasn't sunk in yet that it's MY car. Count on me working some gratuitous car photos in my posts, lol



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