Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ginger Peach Pinojito

"Whose leg do I have to hump to get a dry martini around here?"-Brian Griffin, Family Guy

My sentiments exactly, except I want peaches and a wet, vodka martini. Organic peaches to be specific. And I want them to be availalbe all gotdamn year. But sure enough, finding organic peaches in Maryland during the perniciously short season of the peach is like trying to find a pot o' gold at the end of a rainbow--and then paying damn near a ransom sum for it. So that brings me back to Brian's orignial sentiment. Whose leg do I have to hump for an organic peach that doesn't cost an arm in addition to the leg??  Why the hell are peaches only availble (in Maryland) for like two freakin months? And why do I never have the time to buy a bushel of peaches and make any and everything peach to my heart's desire? Why as ask you? WHYYYYYYY?!

These are questions that will haunt me until the day I die. Or move to Georgia. Which will never happen because I am not physically/mentally/emotionally capable of living any further south of the Mason-Dixon Line than I already do. And I can't live in a Red State either. Guess that takes the option moving back home to Jersey off the table, indefinitely. Shrug.

In light of the fact that I cannot indulge in the sweet, juicy, amazingness that is peaches whenever I please, I have found a way to supplement my need for the peach in times of desperation, via my local Wegmans' frozen produce aisle. And you know what frozen peaches are really good for? That's right.....boozin.

This gorgeous potent potable is the thing Bravo Housewives' and peach enthusiasts' dreams are made of. Seriously. There's Pinot Prigio in it, but you can still drink it with a straw. That's gold, Jerry! Gold!

Ginger Peach Pinojito

3oz Pinot Grigio
2oz White Rum
5 slices frozen peaches (still frozen)
10-12 fresh mint leaves
1Tsp sugar

In a short, sturdy glass bruise mint leaves, frozen peach slices and sugar with a pestle or muddler until sugar is nearly dissolved, but peach slices are still intact. In a martini shaker combine pinot grigio, rum, and simple syrup with ice. Shake well and strain mixture into glass over peaches and mint. Remove the ice and pour drink mixture back into mixer. Shake vigoursly to dissolve sugar. Pour mixture back into glass. Drink your face off. And then eat the peach slices <---the best part.



  1. Oh, this looks good!  I have a ton of frozen peaches... preserved them back in August.

    Please don't move back to NJ.  Ugh!

  2. Now THIS sounds and looks amazing! 

  3. Yummm! Absolutely refreshing! xx

  4. I can't wait to see what you do with those peaches. And yeah..I considered going back to Jersey a while back, but the car insurance alone is a deterrent...and now with Christie in office...I'm trying to get my mom out of there!

  5. Wonderful post and I'm loving that drink!!  Printed for future reference!!!



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