Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Garlic Parmesan Top Knots

Let's talk about cute food. Now if you know me well, or in any capacity really, than you probably know that"cute" is probably the last word I would use to describe food. As far as I'm usually concerned, guys who are attractive, but missing that oh so important x factor and/or look like 12 year old boys are cute. Puppies are cute. Some babies are cute. [Yeah, I said it!] But food...food is flavor, and texture, and color, and plating and all things awesome, but generally not cute.

Or so I thought. 

That darn Adrianna over at A Cozy Kitchen, she's turned me onto the wold of cute food. Maple bacon pancakes, biscuits of the same name, scones, crostinis, sandwiches, glitter nails, you name it! This girl knows her food, loves glitter, and knows how to cute things up. I kind of love her. Hence these garlic knots.  There's  garlic, and, Parmesan and butter, oh glorious butter, #yum. They're chock full o' cracked wheat and made with wheat flour which makes them good for you, #awesome. But it wasn't until I was tying the dough into double knots that I realized how cute they are. Too f**kin' cute! #bonuspoints

However, I didn't quite realize how much work such cute food requires. It was some time between my "I have made dough"dance around 2 am on Christmas morning and the dough's second rising sometime Christmas afternoon that I started to throw some serious side eye toward that Adrianna. I don't know how this girl manages to make cute cooking seem so easy, because even though I actually read the recipe before I made it, I still vastly underestimated how involved it was. It probably didn't help my cause that I kept getting my Christmas on in between steps [church, presents, bribing my mother into baking her German Apple Cake, cooking other things, etc], but still it was a lot of freakin' work.

But it was delicious work. Sooo delicious. And now I'm conflicted, because I want some more, but I'm lazy.

Damn that Adrianna.

*I really plan on doing better by you guys with my food photography. Let's go 2012!


  1. These garlic knots are right up my alley! I'm all for cute food!  It usually means that it's bite size and it also means that I can stuff my face and lie to myself about how many I've eaten :)

  2. I think I had 6, and I didn't feel guilty at all! I'll probably make these again...though it will have to be on a lazy weekend day when I've got nothing else better to do, lol.

  3. Yum, yum, and yum!  Two of my favorite things:  garlic and bread!

  4. They look awesome! I love garlic AND bread...who woulda thunk it?

  5. garlic+bread=one of the best food combos ever!

  6. This doesn't just look good, this looks elegant and so very delicious!

  7. My mother would love it if I made these for her.  I just might have to try. Thanks for sharing.



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