Monday, April 12, 2010

And THAT is the NIGHT the LIGHTS Went Out in GEORGIA!

Now as you all know [and as indicated by my blog title], I like to rant about things that upset me. To me, ranting is my form of venting pent up frustrations, and regardless of how you may feel about it, it is sometimes necessary.  Ranting is not just a behavior that on more than one occasion, has gotten me into some trouble, it's part of who I am.

My mom is a ranter.  I remember many times as a child watching my mom verbally rip someone a new one [without a word of profanity, Linda is a lady!] with slight horror/embarrassment and slight pity for the target of her rage. But then as I got older, I really began to understand the necessity of her rants, as they were almost always directed at some poor FOOL who was trying to take her for her HARD EARNED money or they gave her attitude--note to world at large: DON'T DO THAT! In fact, I even began to enjoy watching such events, I would see that look in Linda's eyes, and know I was in for a show, lol. In the last few years, I've gotten to know both sides of my family very well--my mom's family in Georgia, my father's family in Nigeria-and guess what, those women rant too!! So, with ranting obviously a part of my genetic code, its no surprise that I have ALWAYS admired female television characters who were strong, independent, and unapologetic about speaking their minds--just like my mother--and as it turns out just like me. 

This weekend, the world lost a television icon of feminine grace, independence, and strength--Dixie Carter, probably best known as Julia Sugarbaker on Designing Women. Julia Sugarbaker was like no other woman on TV.  She could take any fool who dared to cross her down several notches with her chin held high, her razor sharp tongue, and her cutting wit and intelligence, all delivered in an impeccably dramatic cadence, wrapped in a lusciously smooth southern accent--and looked fly doing it! She was and still is one of my TV heroes [and I really don't do the whole celebrity icon thing at all, so this is serious!]The only other TV character who ranks par with Julia Sugarbaker status is Dr. Bailey on Grey's Anatomy, and I LOVE her too!

So in remembrance of one of the best ranters in television history and honorary ABW*, Julia Sugarbaker, and all my fellow lady ranters, this one is for YOU!

 *gone but never forgotten*

*honorary Angry Black Woman, aka Angry White Woman. Please see the Angry Black Woman's Guide to Life, A hilarious book--not intended for profound sociological insight into the challenges of being a black woman in the United States of Amerykah, so don't take it so seriously--if I wasn't offended, you shouldn't be either.


  1. THAT was amazing. As is Dr. Bailey on Grey's. I wish I had half the guts it takes to put an idiot in their place when it is deserved. I have, however, managed to achieve this a few time - let someone know in no uncertain terms that they have messed up, big time, with no profanity or name calling.

    To anyone who can do that, it's quite a talent!

  2. oh kim, it doesn't require guts, it just requires white hot rage, lol. and its all about personal style, as long as ppl get the message that you are NOT the one, its all good. i totoally love this video, its such a pick me up.

  3. No wonder we get along so wonderfully, some of my best friends are African too (from Ghana & Sierra Leone)! You learn something new everyday:)

  4. OMG that was DI-VINE :)

    Thank you for sharing, and yes, thank you for bringing me back to that special place only found when Aunty Linda tears someone a new one :)



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