Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ungrateful Heifer

I'm an ungrateful heifer.

I've been really really ungrateful this past year. The constant bitching and moaning about hating my job, hating Baltimore, not having enough friends who live locally, being broke, family woes, etc--[I may not have bitched to you about all of these things, but I've been bitchin']-- needs to quiet down for a bit.

So I'm trying to appease my ungratefulness by sharing with you my blessings. Because in spite of my struggles, there are many things I've been blessed with:

1. Having a job. Yeah, I'm not crazy about my job, but at least I have one, which means I can remain to live ALONE in my cute single gal apartment, in my totally awesome neighborhood which enables me to walk to work, walk to several bars and pizza shops. when the snow came, it was all good, everything was walking distance, and i was fortunate to have parked my car on the 1 block that wasn't "no parking during snow emergency" or else i would've been towed like many ppl in my 'hood. Jesus Loves Me.

2. Not getting dead in Baltimore. So I hate this city, but like my neighborhood most of the time [the gayborhood], and I don't need a roommate, [something I'll have to sacrifice once I move to the district]. I have, on more than one occasion, walked Kona waaay late at night, come home a little drunk from DC via the train waaay late at night, locked myself out of my apartment both times at night, and have not been a victim of a violent crime. The Lord protecteth babes and fools.

3. My friends and my sister. So I only have two close girlfriends who live in Maryland, and they live in Towson, a suburb of Baltimore. And even though we don't get together often enough because we're all busy and it's a pain sometimes to travel and find parking, not drive drunk, etc, whenever we do get together, its always great fun. But I ALSO have my older sister who lives in Baltimore, who lets' me do my laundry at her house, is always down for a movie date, and I'm friends with all her friends (I'm like their little sister) so I should try harder to hang out with her and her friends when mine aren't available. And all my other girlfriends live in the quad-state area. NY, DE, PA, VA. So its not like I have to catch a plane to play with them, it just requires planning and gas money.

4. Not Being that broke. It turns out, I'm not really that broke, I just wish I had MORE money to spend [and save]. I've been paying myself first via automatic debit to ING [Lawd bless it] AND still manage to shop smart every now and again fairly often. Remember that super amazing awesomely fantastic vacation I mentioned in this post?? Well plane tickets have been purchased! I'm spending 14 days in Spain and Morocco in July! and the best part is I'm going with my big sister, and two of my gal pals Hillary and Alihah . First stop: Barcelona, then Madrid, to Seville or some city close to it where my cousin in the Air Force lives [can you say FREE lodging?!], off to Marrakesh, and then back to Seville-ish. Can you say TAPAS?! Are you Jealous?! I also purchased my tickets to see Lady Gaga in DC [!!!] and I'm celebrating my Birthday next weekend at a swanky eatery. Obviously, I'm not too broke to enjoy myself.  I'll just be spending the next few [all] weekends at home. Who wants to come over and drink hang out this weekend??

5. My family. After seeing the movie Precious, let's just say I'll never complain again. My mom is NOT crazier than a barrel of monkeys, she just has a unique perspective, lol. And besides, it could always be worse. They just worry me sometimes, but whose family doesn't?

6. Small miracles. So I've lost my work badge a total of three times now. But each time I've lost it, I found it, which is great because otherwise I would have to pay $50 to replace it. Most recently, I thought I lost my work badge in Jersey while home for Easter. It turns out, I dropped it on the street while walking the poodle, and someone taped it to a street light post on my block. I also locked myself out of my apartment on Monday EVENING--like after 9pm, with the poodle! Normally my older sister has my spares, BUT this time my former coworker who lives in the city had them because she watched the poodle for me on MLK day. THANK GOD she had them because my sister was in Michigan on Monday. And I would've been shit out of luck. Did I mention that Jesus loves me?

7. I'm alive, of sound mind and body, of firm spiritual foundation, of solid moral compass. The Lord wakes me up each day, protects me from being hit by a car on my walk to work, and is obviously trying to teach me a lesson in faith and patience. So let me shut it up for a while, and be grateful for my blessings.

So even though I have had "a week", I'm not gonna bitch about it. I'm gonna county my current blessings, and prepare to receive my future ones.

Sorry to get all philosophical and preachy on you...I know its not what you expect from me, but I like to throw people off their game. [kinda like this game I play when I'm the 'burbs called oxymoron stereotypes, but I won't discuss that today, probably never actually]

Care to share any of your blessings?


  1. Great post. There are so many reasons we have to be greatful. Troubles don't last, but they do get replaced. So falling back to the good parts of life helps you get through. I really admire people who have next to nothing going right in their lives, but still have the ability to be thankful for the little bit they have. We're taking steps in a great direction here.

  2. I remember being single and having my first apartment in the DC area - good times! I love being married, but there's something special about the freedom of being an independent single lady with your own apartment.

    I've been to Spain - you'll love it. Enjoy the tapas and the sangria! I wish I could go back this summer.

  3. We can all benefit from an attitue of gratitude. That's part of the reason why I blog, so I can remember the little things that make life better than the alternative ;o) The trip to Spain & Morocco sounds AH-Mazing!!!! So jealous! But good for you! Now's the time to get out and see the world! Focus on that!

  4. @ liz. i'm going to see if i can make it a week w/o bitchin' i have a job, and i'm grateful.

    @ keeley, i can't wait! i've been wanting to go to spain for several years, now! and yes, i really do love the independence of living alone 99% of time. the 1% that sucks is having to kill my own bugs--not a fan--actually i don't kill my own bugs, i run from them.

    @ Maddy, that's what i'm trying to do, focus on the positive and be grateful for what i have now. and i'm super excited about my vacay, i haven't been on one since 2008, and i need to GET AWAY! :)



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