Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's my Birthday and I'll Network if I want to!

Today is my Birthday!! And to celebrate my 2X years on the planet, I'm going to drag my tired ass on down to the District for a professional networking event. Yes, I'm focused man!

Why am I so tired, you ask?

Because I was up till 2am, cleaning my apartment in preparation for this weekend. And I was curling my hair, so I could get be all gussied up for today, because I refuse to walk around on my birthday looking like "who shot John!"

but it was worth it!

Did I mention that there will be drink specials and that Alihah will be be meeting me at this event??

SURE I'm going to this event with every INTENTION of chatting it up with local young professionals, getting my name out there, exchanging business cards, discussing the topic of whichever health policy article I print and read on the train today, you know, the whole shabang.

But there are supposedly over 400 young "professionals" attending this event--which means there will no doubt be lots of drinking. So I won't be the least bit surprised if my night sounds something like this after the first hour:

"Hi my name iz (Bern)Nadette, nize to meet youu....."I work at DHMH...aka a festering hell hole....sure herez my work where??... If you can get me an interview, I'll be your bestie....I'll have another Jack n ginger pleez"

OK, that really won't happen [scout's honor! oh wait, only eat girl scout cookies, I don't know shit about scout's honor] but honestly, if I end up just enjoying the drinks more than the networking, its all good, cuz I Alihah will be with me and ITS MY BIRTHDAY BITCHES!


  1. Too funny! lol! Happy Birthday! Have fun! See you Saturday! I can't waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait!

  2. Have a Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great time out! And I don't know how you survive at this networking functions. I would hate it! Never been much of a "mingler".

  3. I forgot to mention, you have an award waiting for you on my blog! Can't say I never gave you a bday present ;o) Actually, I had no idea it was your birthday, when I picked you. I just think your blog is great! Go check it out!

  4. I very rudely forgot to comment and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You look gorgeous and I hope you had a blast!


  6. Thank You Ladies! I had a great time and met some great people. Now off to prepare for my dinner tonite



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