Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Off the Wagon

That's right folks, I'm off the 40 days and nights of no pork, no red meat, and no juice wagon!  And Tuesday night I treated myself to what I've been craving for so long: 
a bacon cheeseburger and a cold fruity drink. 

And it was delicious. It was glorious. It was everything I dreamed it would be and more.

And then there was Juice...Blood Orange Italian Soda from Target, to be more specific.
--Italian soda is made with sugar and not high fructose corn syrup, therefore I don't feel guilty for my indulgence--
*disclaimer, there were several full bottles of Italian Soda left after Easter dinner, and I only brought one home with me. I deserve a reward for my self restraint*

 Vodka+fresh strawberries+blood orange soda= pretty and delicious drink. I think I should name it. Any suggestions??
I did get a little drunker than I intended to on a Tuesday night...

I was going to post the self portrait of me stuffing my face with that delicious heart attack on a plate, but decided against it. Fate can have a cruel sense of humor sometimes, and if I post tht picture, then most certainly my future employer or future husband will somehow stumble across said picture, and of course my chances for future employment and/or wedded bliss will be ruined forever.

I should note that after 40 days of only eating chicken and some crab dip, assaulting my digestive system with lamb, pork, and beef in a three day period [did i mention I had a waffle sandwich from Dunkin' Donuts on Monday? and that there were 4 types of meat at Easter dinner?] was probably not the best idea... 
Did I kind of feel like I just ate a truck tire after inhaling that burger? YES
Would I do it again. DAMN SKIPPY
Will I be having more red meat in the near future. Not likely...


  1. LOL... ah, the indulgence! That drink looks really good. I'm not a burger gal, but I don't think I could go 40 days without pork!

  2. Damn you! And here I was trying to convince myself that a vegan Boca Burger can substitute for the real thing. *sigh* Congrats on making it through Lent though!

  3. @ Keeley, it was a rough 40 days. but i think i'll do it again next Lent. i appreciate a challange. and i'm going to play up that drink recipe and make it my signature drink when i have ppl over. :)

    @ Maddy, now you know you can't even say veggie burger=adequate substitute for the real thing with a straight face. but i respect your effort, lol.

  4. Ok sorry, once I saw the drink you kinda lost me! lol It looks so good!!! Will def have to try that :)

  5. E, you def should try it. simple and delicious!



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