Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sins of the Foodie

So this morning, I committed a gastronomical sin. Epicurean blasphemy. Politician level hypocrisy.

I went to McDonald's and order a sausage, egg, and cheese McGriddle.

And it was DELICIOUS.

And now I'm hungry again, craving another, and completely ashamed. [Wow, when I fall of the wagon, I fall HARD]

You see, I haven't actually eaten at McDonald's for almost two solid years [with the exception of this past February, but I was driving back from Georgia and that's where my mom stopped so it was eat there or wait another 8 hours for a meal--and yes I had a McGriddle]. I've also been working on a post that chronicles the evils of the fast food industry and how they target minority and/or low income communities. And McDonald's is at the top of my list of evil "establishments". oh the hypocrisy. [Actually it doesn't feel that bad, maybe I'll try my hand at politics one day (as soon as control my urges to throw things at lying, arrogant, gas bags)]

But see right what had happened was...I did laundry at my sister's house last night. I didn't get there till almost 9pm.[its the poodle's fault!] Didn't stop running up and down the basement steps with bags full of clothing till 3 am. And didn't leave her house till after 8am.  So after spending the night on her couch, all while trying to stop the poodle from crying incessantly outside of her bedroom door, I was TIRED and HUNGRY and WEAK with lustful desire for that sweet salty concoction of chemicals and by-products in a sandwich. And knowing that I still had to drag my 341 pounds of laundry, the poodle, and my un-showered self home to get ready for work by 10am, I gave in to my deepest darkest desire.

But after it all I didn't die. and I think that if I want a McGriddle every now and then, then dammit I'm going to have one! [I'm still a little bit sad that the addiction to greasy McDonald's breakfast food still courses through my veins]

And yes I'm still going to post in whenever I'm done with.

Because, even though that damn sandwich was tasty enough to get a "scrumptious sandwiches" label, I still loathe the institution as a whole, and No, I'm Not Lovin' It.

Budah bop-F*ck that


  1. Oh wow the peppermint oil is his thing.

  2. I must say I enjoy the McGriddle and McDonald's breakfast in general. I don't eat the one with the egg and the cheese, I just have mine straight up with sausage.

    I eat at McD's about twice a month. I completely understand that fast food is marketed toward low income people, but I also think that McDonald's (and the Coca Cola Company, which is kind affiliated) give a lot back to minority (especially African American) communities, so I'm not a 100% hater.

    Just don't eat it every day... or even every week. And enjoy! I'm glad you are all about teaching our community to make smart choices. That's a good thing. (Then again, so is a McGriddle! Ha ha!)

  3. To be honest, I was never crazy about these at all. I'd prefer my deli made sausage egg & cheese with salt, pepper ketchup right from the grill!! Now that's magic!!

  4. The first time i've ever tried this, i died !!! it was AMAZING! so good yet so bad LOL I haven't had one in 2 years. They are addicting. oooo i love it.

    PS - what kind of restaurant are you going to for your birthday? tick tock .. almost time for our party!!! and dress reveal.

  5. @ Keeley, I know that Mcdonalds "gives back" but still, i'm not of fan of corporate. And damn if that mcgriddle isn't delicious. I just realized that my cravings my have been hormonally driven..mother nature is a manipulative bitch, lol. so i think i'm back on the wagon, at least for another 2 years...we'll see..

    @ maddy, i totally feel you on the fresh made sandwich off the grill. there's a pizzeria next to my eyebrow threading place that makes the BEST bacon egg on cheese sandwich. but the mcgriddle brings that pancake element to the mix...and i LOVE pancakes, so its a match made in heaven as far as i'm concerned.

    @ jonsey, i remember when the sandwich first came out, i remember thinking my wishes had been granted. a pancake sandwich, how could I resist? but then it turned into an ugly addiction for several years, and it took a long time to wean myself off of them. but i'm back on the wagon...for now. and the restaurant i'm having my bday dinner is a swanky mediterranean tapas place in an old warehouse building. i'm planning on being the loudest table of 10 in this massive establishment. and of course, the sexiest :-)

  6. The McGriddle is a special thing. The thought of syrup infused pancakes covering heavily processed meats sounds wrong, but once you taste it, it is just so right. I had one a few years ago that my mouth still waters for. I'm not sure what they put in there, but I'm sure I don't want to go back for it too often.

  7. @ George, I'm pretty sure the magic ingredient is crack...



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