Wednesday, May 26, 2010

M.I.B.A.- Missing in Blog Action

I know I've been incognegro lately, FOR SHAME!

But I've been super busy:

I had a time consuming (though non-challenging) project due at work last week

I had statistics tutoring

I had to drive my sister to freakin' Dulles Airport
[which is a solid hour plus away in bumble fuck Northern Va--and she's in Italy for two weeks, heifer!]

I HAD to watch the Grey's Anatomy 2 hours season finale 
[which was the most riveting and suspenseful 2 hours of TV I think I've ever seen OMG!]

I had to go to my cousin's college graduation
[yet another college grad in the fam, congrats Uche!] 

 I spent this past weekend in DC with Hillary and Alihah

[I know I'm supposed to be saving every penny I can for Spain & Morocco , but I couldn't spend another weekend indoors--I just couldn't!]

I spent waaaaay too much money. But it was totally worth it!

I HAD to put my cover letter and resume together for the perfect job(s) at the perfect place with the perfect contacts 
[fingers crossed & on my knees in prayer!]

and there was plenty of vacation planning, eating, boozing and laziness (not pictured) in between...

Its not just MY blog that I've been neglecting, I've barely I had time to keep up with my favorite bloggers or read that stack of health policy articles on my table and those unopened emails from the Kaiser Family Foundation.  Again, I ask myself how can I possibly be so busy when I don't have a house, a husband, or a crumb snatcher child to care for, and beg to know how the fuck I'm supposed to keep my life in order when I do, but I digress [as usual].

Soap Box Wednesday is coming up tomorrow and as usual I have no idea what it will be about. I love a challenge...

I've been slacking on the whole "read/rant" part of this blog, I'm hoping to get a health policy related post up before week's end--no promises though!

So that's where the hell I've been, sorry for the absence, but its bound to happen from time to time. What have y'all been up to lately? What are your plans for the summer?


  1. Don't ever feel bad about neglecting the blog. It just means you're living life. Sometimes when I know I'll be busy (like when I was defending my proposal) I write 2-3 posts and schedule them to be released over the course of two weeks.

    Other times, like now, I just take a little break. It's all good. Isn't it great to have so much to do with your friends and family? Enjoy it!

  2. Life always trumps blog, so no worries! It does sound like you had a blast the last two weeks! Congrats to your cousin on graduating!! She looks so glamorous with the big hair & red lips!! And I had to skip through your little Grey's Anatomy section. I have yet to watch it!! I just haven't been able to squeeze in two hours of TV at any given time. But I've been very cautious about spoilers and I'm definitely going to watch it this week! Let's see what all the hype is about ;o)

  3. Not two weeks just 12 days....hiefer.

  4. @ Maddie & Keeley, thanks ladies. Sometimes I prewrite my blog posts, but that hasn't been happening in a while.

    Odichi...two weeks, 12 days, sam thing! Limoncello!

  5. Just wanted to pass by to say that I finally watched Grey's Anatomy and.... OH MY GOD!!! It's still trembling!

  6. Maddy I know! did you cry, because I totally did. just OMG!



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