Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A La Feria!

¡Buenos días mis amores! I know you're probably wondering what freakin' rabbit hole I fell into that would cause me to disappear for three weeks smack in the middle of telling you all about Spain. To be honest, I really did fall down a rabbit hole, and without going into further detail about it, I'm going to focus on what's important, and that is, of course, la feria!

The feria, in all its beauty, raucousness, and  authenticity makes whatever it is about Spain that seems to agree with me so much, that much more agreeable. If anything, the feria captures the spirit of the Andalusian culture, and is nothing less than warm and welcoming and wonderfully contagious. Of course, being with my cousin who speaks the language and seems to know everybody didn't hurt. I could sit here and try to verbally quantify my experience, but I'm not nearly that gifted as a writer. If I were, I would have already packed up my boots and poodle and be sitting in a cafe in Sevilla, sipping on a cafe con leche, typing my own Eat, Pray, Love-like memoir--granted mine would be titled something more like Eat, Live, Dance (and Pray too for good measure, because God listens, true story) at this very moment. Why on earth I never considered creative writing as a major in college is BEYOND me. Maybe because I'm not very creative--funny, perhaps, but original--nope [sad face].  But as par the course of my adult-onset ADD, I digress. So rather than tell you about the feria, I'm just going to show you, via a some tons of my favorite pictures*.

Traditional Andalusian dancing. It was everywhere. Everyone did it. Including non-Andalusian people. Like a gentleman I met who was from from Barcelona (Catalonia). And Labrone. And me too! But I'll get to that later...

The flags of Spain. I love that the Andalusian flag mirrors the Nigerian flag. I think know it's a sign. I totally wish I had captured a picture of Miriam's entire dress. It was gorgeous, and yes, I want one!

The lovers. Great picture. [Pats self on back]

Wee little children being awesome and cute at the same time.

And then there was this little princess. She stole my heart, she was just too cute.

Her parents obviously felt the same way. And then before I knew what was happening...

I was doing my best to keep up with her mom. ¡Bailar!

Now do you see why it's completely feasible that I was in fact suffering from back from Spain blues, despite my hardest to fight it, and didn't blog for so long? That my friends is just some of the tons of photos I want to share with you. I guess I shall have share more tomorrow. Pinky promise!

*looking through my 649 photos and considering the money I spent on my camera, I've decided it's is absolutely necessary to invest some time and maybe a little cash in photography education. Just one more thing to add to my never ending list. Le sigh, le smile...


  1. I love that you seemed to be surrounded by gorgeous men on your trip. Love the animation of you dancing. Oh please bring me next time.

  2. Oooohhh!  Beautiful photos!  I don't know how you embedded that animation, but it was cute!

    I'd like to take a photography course as well.  I finally have the time, so I'm going to start researching my options.

  3. Le sigh. I 'm so jealous of your trip AND your camera.  And umm to you and previous commentors...when is our next meetup?!

  4. Such gorgeous photos. The new camera is paying off in spades! I can't wait to see more. They so make me want to visit the region but not anytime soon....I have some hefty bills to pay off from my vacation. The euro was definitely not in our favor.

  5. Lol, believe me, I love that part too! Seriously, the quantity of attractive men in Spain is out of control! granted most of the guys in these pics are off limits, they're still fun to look at and even more fun to party with. Start saving your dollars, there are plans for Feria and Morocco next year.

  6. Thanks Keeley, there are more photos to come! And embedding that animation was actually really easy. I created it at, and just went from there. That's also how I created that collage, the only thing is that you lose the quality of the pictures. But until I get photoshop and then learn how to use it, it will suffice when needed :)

  7. Toya, I have to say the camera was a great investment, so start saving your duckets! You may have to leave baby and hubby next year and come with, you gotta join in on the fun!

  8. Thanks Noelani! I am so loving that camera--totally worth the investment, even though I'm still paying for it, lol. And boy don't know about that that exchange rate is a reall kick in the wallet and my shopping aspiration. I had to walk away from this gorgeous leather jacket because of it..and because I don't need a fourth leather jacket (though when it's Italian leather, want versus need becomes less important). Le sigh...I shall travel on!

  9. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I also love the animation :)

  10. Now this is a Spanish vacation I would like to experience!! How cute was everyone in their gorgeous dresses! And how exciting and unexpected to find people breaking into dance on the streets :) I bet it was a feast for the senses!

  11. I'm glad you said that, because I'm seriously considering starting a travel
    business :) And yes, it was sensory overload, the best way possible!

  12. what an amazing experience!

  13. it surely was, I fully encourage everyone to go somewhere new and experience something amazing :)



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